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File: Lovesexy.jpg

Album details

Released: 6 May, 1988 (France)
9 May, 1988 (UK)
10 May, 1988 (USA)
Length: 45:07
Label(s): Paisley Park Records
Studio(s): Paisley Park

Charts, Certifications & Awards

Entry Date Chart, Country Peak Position Weeks in Chart
Week 19/1988 VG-Lista Top 40 Albums (Norway) 2 18
21 May 1988 Nationale Top 75 (The Netherlands) 1(3) 19
21 May 1988 Gallup Album Chart (UK) 1(1) 32
23 May 1988 Album Chart (Germany) 4 16
25 May 1988 Schweizer Hitparade (Switzerland) 1(2) 12
25 May 1988 Top 60 Albums (Sweden) 1(2) 8
25 May 1988 Billboard Top Black Albums (USA) 5 17
25 May 1988 Billboard 200 (USA) 11 20
1 Jun. 1988 Alben Top 75 (Austria) 3 28
12 Jun. 1988 Top 40 Album (New Zealand) 1(2) 18
26 Jun. 1988 ARIA Top 50 Album (Australia) 13 6

Date Institution, Country Certification
10 May. 1988 BPI, UK Silver, Gold (100,000)
23 Aug. 1988 BPI, UK Platinium (300,000)
1988 SNEP, France Gold (100,000)
5 Dec. 1988 RIAA, USA Gold (500,000)
1989 BVMI, Germany Gold (250,000)
18 Oct. 2001 SNEP, France Gold x2 (200,000)

Date Institution, Country Award
11 May, 1989 9th Minnesota Music Awards, USA Best Album

Singles released

Alphabet St.
b/w Alphabet St. part II
Glam Slam
b/w Escape
I Wish U Heaven
b/w Scarlet Pussy

See also

(Sheet Music)
Lovesexy is the tenth full-length studio album by Prince. It was released worldwide in May, 1988, 13 months after his previous album Sign O' The Times.

The album was written and recorded hastily in response to Prince's decision in early December, 1987, to cancel "The Black Album", which Prince deemed too dark. One of the tracks from that album, When 2 R In Love, recorded in October, 1987, was kept for inclusion on Lovesexy, and the remaining eight tracks were recorded in the following two months. No, Dance On and Positivity were recorded in mid-December, 1987.

Lovesexy was also initially recorded in mid-December, 1987, but was re-recorded with different music in late January, 1988. Alphabet St. was recorded at the end of December, 1987. Glam Slam was also recorded at some point in December, 1987, and Anna Stesia was recorded at some point in December, 1987 - January, 1988, but specific dates for these tracks are unknown. I Wish U Heaven was recorded in late January, 1988, as the final track recorded for the album.

While Sheila E. appears on drums for many of the album's tracks, the album was largely recorded solely by Prince. His full live band appeared on No, and some band members appeared in minor roles on Alphabet St., Anna Stesia, Lovesexy and Positivity. The album marks Cat and Boni Boyer's first appearances on a Prince album.

As an artistic statement, the initial CD release of the album was not split into tracks, but was instead tracked as one single 45:07 track, designed to be listened to as a whole (track titles were included, however). Later releases of the CD split the album into the nine named tracks, however.

The album produced three commercially-released singles, Alphabet St. (which preceded the album), Glam Slam and I Wish U Heaven. Prince supported the album with a major European, North American and Japanese tour, the Lovesexy Tour, which focused largely on the album (while including many songs from Prince's back catalog).

The album reached number 11 on the US Billboard 200 Chart, and number 5 on the Billboard Top Black Albums Chart. It fared much better in Europe, reaching number 1 in the UK, Netherlands, Switzerland and Sweden. The album also did well in New Zealand, where it also reached number 1.

Track listing

The compact disc version is a reissue from the LP.

  1. No (5:46)
  2. Alphabet St. (5:38)
  3. Glam Slam (5:04)
  4. Anna Stesia (4:57)
  5. Dance On (3:43)
  6. Lovesexy (5:49)
  7. When 2 R In Love (3:58)
  8. I Wish U Heaven (2:43)
  9. Positivity (7:16)

Vinyl and Cassette have the same tracks sequence

  • Side 1:
  1. Eye No No (5:46)
  2. Alphabet St. (5:38)
  3. Glam Slam (5:04)
  4. Anna Stesia (4:57)
  • Side 2:
  1. Dance On (3:43)
  2. Lovesexy (5:49)
  3. When 2 R In Love (3:58)
  4. I Wish U Heaven (2:43)
  5. Positivity (7:16)

All songs written by Prince.


  • Prince - producer, arranger and engineer
  • Joe Blaney - engineer
  • Eddie Miller - assistant engineer
  • Bernie Grundman - mastering
  • Jean Baptiste Mondino - cover photo

  • "Special gratitude 2 Alan Leeds, Karen Krattinger, Gilbert Davison, Robbie Paster, Duane Nelson, Earl Jones, Paul Gobel, Laura LiPuma, Margo Chase, Matt Larson, Brad Marsh & Joel Bernstein 4 unconditional support."
    "All love & thanks 2 God" - Prince '88

LP, CD, Cassettes and Other versions
Additional Information

Promotion (at time of release) Trivia

  • US press adverts published in Billboard and in Rolling Stones in spring 1988:
    US press advert published in Billboard (Vol. 100 No.20) on 14 May, 1988   US press advert published in Rolling Stone (info needed) in 1988
  • Warner Bros. records shipped 750,000 units in advance of its street release, and logged in 30,000 reorders by 11 May, 1988.
  • Department store giant Wal-Mart refused to carry the album or decided to stock it discreetly in their 1,100 stores across the USA because of the "provocative pose" of Prince on the cover that they thought was "too hot to handle". Interviewed by Billboard, a representative from the chain declared that their refusal of stocking the album was due to "the album cover itself", something that was "offensive" and that they didn't want to carry anything in their stores containing "graphics of this nature". In a similar way, a Minneapolis based company, Musicland Group, advised the managers of their 616 stores to keep the LP behind the counter, while cassettes and CDs were being displayed routinely. Asked about the controversy, Warner VP Dennissaid that the label had no intent in redesigning the cover as they "didn't see anything wrong with it", pointing that Time Magazine printed the cover on the second week of may 1988.

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