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20 October, 2015

Prince at Tidal X: 10/20 charity concert

Prince has been announced as one of the headliners at Tidal's charity concert X: 10/20, to be held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY, on 20 October, 2015. Other headliners include Beyoncé and Jay Z. Tickets went on sale on 30 September at noon ET for Tidal members, with general sale on 2 October. The concert will also be live-streamed on Tidal.

UPDATE 5 October Prince is currently no longer billed as appearing at this event. It is unclear if he will appear.

23 October, 2015

Judith Hill: Back In Time album release

A new EPK video for Judith Hill's album Back In Time states that it will be released on NPG Records in October, following its limited free download release in March, 2015.

This section will be updated with live dates and album releases as soon as they are confirmed by a reliable source. If you have an event to submit, please email us (see icon, top right on the page).


10 September, 2015

US release of Uptown, first single issued from Dirty Mind album.

On This Day

9 October




  • 1981Los Angeles, CA, USA: Memorial Coliseum (supporting The Rolling Stones)
  • 1997Los Angeles, CA, USA: Shrine Auditorium (canceled) (World Healing Honors)
  • 1998Houston. TX, USA: Compaq Center (canceled)
  • 2002Manchester, England: Apollo (tentatively planned never public date, rescheduled to 8 October, 2002)



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Did You Know?

From our newest additions:

  • ... that Pain is Prince's reworking of a song called Joy And Pain, written by D. Channsin Berry?

  • ... that Purple Rain Home Video remained 12 consecutive weeks at position 1 in Billboard Top Videocassette sales chart?

  • ... that graphic designer Jay Vigon adapted the "Prince Purple Rain" logotype that was originally commissionned by Warner Bros for the movie for the Purple Rain album cover ?

  • ... that Wal-Mart refused to carry Lovesexy album in their 1,100 stores across the USA because of Prince's "provocative pose" on the cover that they thought was "too hot to handle"?

  • ... that Prince borrowed a keyboard from Pierre Lewis (of The Lewis Connection) and used it to record Soft And Wet?

  • ... that Chris Moon has described Aces as experimental in nature, lasting around 7 minutes long, with Mediterranean and Indian sections?
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Latest Concerts

9 October, 2015 (am)

Chanhassen, MN, USA: Paisley Park Studios
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[[06 September, 2015-am|6 September, 2015 (am)  ★  14 June, 2015 (show 2)  ★  14 June, 2015 (show 1)

Latest Releases

Free Urself single

On 30 September, 2015, Free Urself was released as a digital single on iTunes.

Free Urself Tidal Purple Pick of the Week

On 28 September, 2015, Tidal's Purple Pick of the Week was the previously-unreleased track Free Urself.

Judith Hill: Cry, Cry, Cry single

On 21 September, 2015, Cry, Cry, Cry was released as the first single from Judith Hill's debut album Back In Time. The track features Prince as a musician and producer.

The Golden Hippie: Stones Tidal Purple Pick of the Week

On 14 September, 2015, Tidal's Purple Pick of the Week was the previously-unreleased track Stones, by The Golden Hippie. It's unclear exactly what role Prince played in the track, but it is assumed that the track was written by him.

Hitnrun Phase One CD / download release

On 14 September, 2015, Hitnrun Phase One was released worldwide on CD and digital download. The release was not listed ahead of time on most retailers' lists and did not fall on the usual Friday release date. It was intended to be a surprise, although French retailers began selling it three days earlier.
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