24 February 1997

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BRIT Awards

24 February 1997
Venue Earls Court
City, Country London, England
Band Prince (as SymbolSmallerBlue.png) (vox, guitar), Kirk Johnson (drums), Rhonda Smith (bass), Morris Hayes (keyboards), Kat Dyson (guitar), Mike Scott (guitar)
Songs Additional Songs Remarks / Personnel

Emancipation incl. 1999 [Int] & We March [Int]

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Show Facts
Start time Length Of Performance Attendance/Capacity Televised

 ? 5 minutes  ? / ? On 25 February 1997, ITV-1 (UK)

  • Derrick Zieba, of Dimension Audio, the audio rental company hired to provide all the sound orientated services for the show, hadn't been provided sound requirement for Prince 72 hours before showtime. On Friday 21 February 1997 evening, he and his team had run it down for 2 possible scenarios of what he wanted to do and how he might stage it: one would be a very live affair, the other would use track where there might be a lot of dancers.
  • The live performance option turned-out to be Prince singing live over a pre-recorded tape.
  • Each band was given a 2 hour slot to rehearse their moves.
  • Prince's rehearsal took place on Saturday 22 February 1997, after Manic Street preachers set up and rehearsal, and The Fugees rehearsal.
  • Sound On Stage #6, April 1997: True Brits, "The BRIT Awards '97" by Mark Cunningham. ISSN 1363-7223
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