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Untitled Marva King album

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Album details

Intended Release Date: 1998
Label(s): NPG Records (assumed)
Studio(s): Paisley Park Studios, Chanhassen, MN, USA (assumed)

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U’re Still The One
(Streamed song)
U're Still The One.jpg
This entry details a planned solo album by Marva King, on which Prince (as SymbolSmallerBlue.png) worked on between 1997 and 1998. Only a handful of songs are known to have been recorded for this project as Prince was quite busy during that period with tours (the Jam Of The Year World Tour, the New Power Soul Tour and the New Power Soul Festival Tour) and other recordings (GCS 2000, Come 2 My House and Newpower Soul albums) on which King also performed as a vocalist for The New Power Generation.

Only a handful of songs were recorded for the project before being abandoned as Marva King wanted to do a Funk/R&B album but Prince offered her mostly Pop-Rock tracks to sing on.

Only 3 songs are known to have been a part of this project: Playtime, Hotel Blues and a cover of Shania Twain’s You’re Still The One re-titled U’re Still The One.

Hotel Blues is the only known song written by Prince specifically for this album. Playtime dates back from 1995 and was pulled from the vault for this project after being listed on a configuration for a Playtime By Versace project that same year. U’re Still The One was recorded as a duet with Prince. Those 3 songs were performed at least once during one-off shows given between 1997 and 1998 with Marva King at the center stage.

After being planned but not included as an additional track for the Come On single (by the New Power Generation, indicating that the artist name would have changed), U’re Still The One was made available on Prince’s official website in January 1999 and in 2000 (credited as a Marva King duet with SymbolSmallerBlue.png). Playtime and Hotel Blues have never been released in any form.

It is not known if additional work for this project was done when Marva King returned in Prince’s band as a member of The NPG between 2007 and 2011 or if any of the songs they worked on together was considered for Marva King’s album “Soul Sistah” released in 2006.

Track listing

The album was never completed but was believed to include:

All tracks written by Prince (as SymbolSmallerBlue.png) except where noted
1 Written by Mutt Lange and Shania Twain

  • Marva King - lead vocals
  • Prince – all instruments except where noted
  • Other performance details unknown

  • Prince (as SymbolSmallerBlue.png) - producer (assumed)

Additional Information


Unreleased project.png 1997
Untitled Jacob Armen album
Unreleased Albums
Unreleased Albums
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