Crosstown Circle Warehouse

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Crosstown Circle Warehouse

Overview & History

The Crosstown Circle warehouse was not a professional studio as such, but a converted rehearsal space which Prince also used for recording, mostly band performances between July 1985 and March 1987.

The Crosstown Circle warehouse was a building situated on 10125 Crosstown Circle in Eden Prairie, a small street off of Flying Cloud Drive, less than a quarter mile from the former warehouse on Flying Cloud Drive, that was razed in early 1985 with plans to built a new studio on that plot.

This warehouse is often erroneously referred to as the Washington Avenue Warehouse, as it is close to the north bend of Washington Avenue South, but its street address was at Crosstown Circle, and it is closer to Flying Cloud Drive than to Washington Avenue.

Prince started using the Crosstown Circle warehouse as a rehearsal space and studio in July, 1985, after returning from France scouting locations for Under The Cherry Moon. From Mid May till the end of June The Family had been using the warehouse to rehearse for their proposed live tour.


This third warehouse (after ones in St. Louis Park and on Flying Cloud Drive) was the spaciest of the three and had offices of PRN production in there as well. The console used in it was a newly bought Soundcraft TS-24,that Susan Rogers installed there in the fourth of July weekends of 1985 and was later installed in Studio C In Paisley Park Studios. Prince furthermore used the MARA MCI JH24 2” 24-Track recorder that was previously in the Flying Cloud Drive Warehouse.

Material Produced



The following albums have been recorded at the Crosstown Circle warehouse in whole or part. Check album pages for details.



The following songs have been recorded at the Crosstown Circle warehouse:


  • Although none of its songs were recorded there, the Crosstown Circle warehouse can be seen on the cover of Sign O' The Times, the Jeff Katz photo with the 'city' backdrop from the 'Guys and Dolls' play, borrowed from the Chanhassen Dinner Theater, is taken inside the warehouse. Images in the Sign O' The Times Tour book were also shot in the warehouse.