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Songs: Contribution and Covers


This list includes all songs known to contain a Prince participation as a musician and/or producer (regardless of official credits, and/or whether a studio recording is known to exist). It also includes studio covers of other artists performed by Prince and remixes of another artists penned-song by Prince.

Recording information on songs is not always available, or not accurate enough to state a specific year of recording. In this case, the year will be followed by a *.

You can find a complete list of Prince-penned songs here: A-Z song list.


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Title Artist: Initial release Year of Recording Year of Release
Title Artist: Initial release Year of Recording Year of Release
Games 94 East: Minneapolis Genius - featuring Prince 1975 1986
GCS 2000 Graham Central Station: GCS 2000 1997-1998 1999
Get On Up - 1986 -
Get Satisfied George Clinton: Hey Man... Smell My Finger 1990-1991 1993
The Ghetto Sheila E.: 1989 unreleased album 1986 -
Gimme Your Love Aretha Franklin & James Brown: Gimme Your Love single 1989 1989
Give Me Yo’ Most Strongest Whiskey (See: Most Strongest Whiskey)
Go Carmen Go Carmen Electra: On Top 1991 -
Go On (Witcha Bad Self) Carmen Electra: Carmen Electra 1991 1993
Good Man MC Flash: Flash 1989 -
(Got 2) Give It Up Madhouse: 24 1993 -
Got To Be Something Here The Lewis Connection: The Lewis Conection 1976 1979
Groove On Graham Central Station: GCS 2000 1998 1999
Habibi Prince: NPGMC Edition # 3 1998 2001
Hair Chaka Khan: Come 2 My House 1997-1998 1998
He’s So Dull Vanity 6: Vanity 6 1982 1982
Hippy Blood Ingrid Chavez: Hippy Blood 1991 1992
Honky Tonk-Woman Prince: The Undertaker (Home Video) 1993 1995
House Of Brick (Brick House) Mayte: Child Of The Sun 1993-1994 1995
Hysterical (See: Tweakin’)