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Nasty Girl

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Single details

Released: 24 September 1982
Related album: Vanity 6
Label(s): Warner Bros.
Unique tracks: Nasty Girl (Edit) (2:55)

Nasty Girl was the first single to be released from Vanity 6's first and only album Vanity 6. It was released six weeks after the album, and received a release around the world. The b-side, Drive Me Wild, was also taken from the album.

The single only reached number 101 on the US Billboard Pop Chart, but reached number 7 on the Billboard Black Chart. It remained 4 weeks at position 1 in the Billboard Dance/Disco Top 80 chart, becoming the first associated artist single to top this chart, and the third Prince penned song to achieve first position in this chart after the pair Controversy/Let's Work in October 1981.

Track listing


(US: 7-29908)
A. Nasty Girl (Edit) (2:55)
B. Drive Me Wild (2:31)

(DEU: 929 908-7, ITA: 92 9908-7, NED: 92.9908-7)
A. Nasty Girl (5:10)
B. Drive Me Wild (2:31)


(DEU: 929 821-0)
A. Nasty Girl (5:10)
B. Drive Me Wild (2:31)

(NED: 92.9858-0)
A. Nasty Girl (5:10)
B1. He's So Dull (Long Version) (4:05)
B2. Drive Me Wild (2:31)

(AUS: 0-29858)
A. Nasty Girl (5:10)
B1. He's So Dull (2:32)
B2. Drive Me Wild (2:31)

12" promo

(US: PRO-A-1061)
A. Nasty Girl (LP Version) (5:10)
B. Nasty Girl (Single Version) (2:55)


  • See individual tracks and related albums for credits.


Chart, Country Entry Date Peak Position Weeks In Chart
Billboard Dance/Disco Top 80 Chart, USA 25 Sep. 1982 1 (4 wks) 18
Billboard Black Singles Chart, USA 25 Sep. 1982 7 18
Billboard Bubbling Under The Hot 100 Singles Chart, USA 2 Oct. 1982 101 15


Variants, special editions and re-releases

  • None.

See also


  • The initial US version of the single was released on the same day as 1999, the first single from Prince's fifth album 1999.


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