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The Beautiful Experience

The Beautiful Experience title screen

Special details

Released: 3 April 1994 (UK)
Director: Prince (as SymbolSmallerBlue.png)
Producers: Prince (as Paisley Park)
Productions Companies: Paisley Park Pictures
Runtime: 69:31 minutes
Technical Specification(s): Country: UK
Language: English
Sound Mix: Dolby
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Original Channel(s):

Sky One

The Beautiful Experience is a 1994 TV-special that features concert footage, music videos and segues that loosely tell the story of a girl called Jan (Nona Gaye) who sits home alone and questions her self confidence. After seeing an ad in a copy of 10,000 magazine (an ad that is not in the actual 10,000 magazine) she calls 1-800 NEW FUNK hoping to find a guy at the other end of the line. Instead she is connected with the NPG Operator (Rain Ivana). After paying $19.99, her computer gets access to a series of videos through to boost her self-confidence. After spending an hour watching these videos, she eventually realizes that she is 'The Most Beautiful Girl In The World'.

Through her computer screen Jan is watching live-videos of (Interactive, Days Of Wild, The Jam, Shhh, and Now), which were recorded at Paisley Park Studios on 13 February 1994 (a.m.). The footage for Loose! and Papa was shot shot in June or July 1993 for another film about which little is known. Directed by Parris Patton, this mini-film starred Nona Gaye and Vanessa Marcil with scenes set in an underground club where Prince is the main attraction. The whole project was scrapped in favor of The Undertaker which stars Marcil only. Snippets of footage from the Glam Slam Ulysses project are also used. Come is featured in a different version than the one that was eventually released on the Come album.

Between all songs, except between The Jam and Shhh, there are shorter or longer segues connecting the songs.

The Beautiful Experience contains videos for several songs that were included on Come released four months after its first airing (Come, Race, Pheromone, Loose! and Papa). But none of them were issued as a commercial single or promotional tool for the album.

The TV-special (sometimes called A Night In Erotic City) first aired in the UK on 3 April 1994 on Sky One. Later it was also broadcast in Canada (MuchMusic, 11 April 1994), Spain, Holland and Germany (on 18 April 1994), France (Canal+ on 18 June 1994), Japan (WowWow) and again in the UK in December 1994, this time on Channel 4. The latter three broadcasts omit the post credits video for Beautiful that was in the original broadcast and some scenes with Nona Gaye have a slightly different edit.

The Japanese broadcast of The Beautiful Experience (65:15 minutes) was released as a white label VHS in a plain white sleeve through Prince’s 1-800 New Funk website, along with a white label VHS of The Sacrifice Of Victor, which was also the Japanese version as broadcast by the WowWow channel.

Track listing
  1. Intro
  2. Interactive
  3. Days Of Wild
  4. Come
  5. Race
  6. All Blues1
  7. Acknowledge Me
  8. Pheromone
  9. The Jam
  10. Shhh
  11. Interlude
  12. Loose!
  13. Papa
  14. The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
  15. Now
  16. Poem (during end credits)
  17. The Most Beautiful Girl In The World (Beautiful) (omitted on later broadcasts)

1  featuring Jacob Armen, Ricky P. and Eric Leeds

Cast & Crew


Crew & Credits
Prince (as SymbolSmallerBlue.png)

Paisley Park

Director Of Photography
Giorgio Scali

Supervising Editor
Mitchell Sinoway


Production coordinator
Eric Mueller

Art Direction
Steve Parke
A.R. Crew
Lew Stricklen

Rag Design
Debbie McGuan
Heidi Presnail

Leanne Doescher

Tonya Thompson
Stephanie Von Brunner
Sherry Hartung
Danielle Russell
Fatima Robinson

Jamie King & SymbolSmallerBlue.png

Mitchell Sinoway
Parris Patton
Kim Logan

Paisley Park Recording Engineers
Ray Hahnfelt
Dave Friedlander
Kimm James

Re-Recording/Sound Design
Ken Dahlinger
Framework Sound

Additional Music
Paul F. Antonelli
Ron C. Cates
David Novak

Additional Photography
Marc Reshovsky
Parris Patton

Additional Camera Operator

David Savage

Assistant Camera
Ken Glassing
Andy Palmer
Scott Banac
Slater Crosby
Afshin Shahidi

Pat Grosswendt
Shane Kelly
Dave Palm

Key Grips
Milo Durben
Dink Adams

Best Boys
Chris Malone
Geoff Shotz

John Fruin
Eric Nelson
John Levy
Jamie Franta

Victor Korte

Special Effects
Paul Murphy
Eric Howell

Video Assist
Harland Snodgrass
Judah Hannah
Cone Chamberlain

SFX Editors
Ave Farmers
Paul Menichini

Foley Recordist
Beau Maxwell

Foley Artists
Ginger Geary
Robert Friedman
Diane Parrino

Production Assistance
Bryan Wilmoth
Steve Kelly
Sean Healey
Lisa Van Huffel

Rag Construction
Helen Ammann
Christine Bur
Michele Kielsa
Kelly Homan
James Shearon
Karen Winkler

Associate Producer
Sharon Smith

Logo Design
Jeff Munson
Lizz Luce

Paisley Park Studios Soundstage
Red White
Danny Soltys
Todd Rask

Production manager

Nike Kranz

Production assistant
Nina Kent

Guitar Technician
Zeke Clark

Keyboard Technician
Stuart White
Craig Anderson

Drum Technician
Scott Pakulski

Trap Programs
Dave Keffer

Main Man
McGoo McGregor

Sound assistant
Steve Olson

Mark Hallin

FOH Sounds
Roger Lindsay

Brittania Row
Chris Hey
John Shearman

Production Associates
Kenneth Robins
Intrepid Productions
Gregory McClatchen Film

Video post production
525 Post production
Stan Kellam
Patti Gannon

Albert G. Ruben & Company, INC.

Legal Clearance
Media Rights, Inc

Legal Representative
Ziffren, Brittenham & Branca

Filmed At
Paisley Park Studios
Chanhassen, Minnesota

The BEAUTIFUL experience

Nona Gaye

Tommy Barbarella
Sonny T.
Michael B.
Mr. Hayes


and SymbolSmallerBlue.png

Rain Ivana

The New Power Generation Hornz
Mike Nelson
Kathy J.
Dave Jensen
Brain Gallagher
Steve Strand

Jamie King

Di Quon

Vickie Velvet

Marianne Cotrin

Steph Johnson

Tracie Tyler

Danielle Hyde

Leisl Auvante

Rita Worlock

Kathy Good

Vanessa Marcil

Marva Collins

Karin Smith

Paz Gomez

Wendy Ingram

April Bergquist

Julia Valet

Tisha Jacobson

Yonna Wynne

Danisha Simmons

Leah Nelson


Anthony Cherry

Marlon Mitchell

Eddie Lue





Ricky P.

Jacob Armen

Eric Leeds

4 Vision House

Multi-Camera Director
Mark Brickman

Lighting Director
Roy Bennett

Production Manager
Dan Nuenenmacher

Technical Director
Terry Donohue

Coordinating Producer
Joe Bilella

Production coordinator
Souzan Alavi

Assistant to producer
Lesley Powell

Assistant to executive producers
Andrew Sullivan

Assistant director
Beth Einhorn

Art Director
Sharon Beeching

Video Engineer
Chuck Reilly

Video Tape
John Gouch

Audio (T.V.)
Peter Saltans

Tom Adair
Miguel Armstron
Juan Berrera
Greg Bubb
Eric Christenson
Joe Epperson
Robb Harriss
Victor Korte
Jay Kulich
Jim Mulligan
Steve Van Osdale
David Phillips
Steve Risenhoover

Richard Dowring
Bill "Scratch" Grenier
Ed Hajbura
Byron Harris
Paul Johnson

Unitel Technician
Spike Jones
Roy O’Take

Unitel Unit Manager
Jeanine Crowe

Maree Johannes

Tom Franvhett

Best Boy
David Meyers

Key Grip
Milo Durben

Peter Clemence
Bill Hobson
Chad Foehringer
Tim Ryan

Eng Sound Recordist
Johnny Hagen

Production assistants
Jeff Blumenshine
Todd Bunnell
Mike Jenica
Travis Milloy
Paris Potter

Shel Bachrach

Glass & Rosen
Paul Glass

Alan Grodin

Production Hotel
Chanhassen Country Suits

Special Thanks
Alain De Greef
Laurent Vatinet
Brenda Jackson

Execrative in charge of production
Tom Oksner

John Diaz

Co-executive Producer
Marcel Avram

Executive Producer
Kevin Wall
David Wyler

Welcome 2 The Dawn

Making of
Shooting Schedule & Locations
Date Location Scenes
June or July 1993 Paisley Park Studios, Chanhassen, MN or Glam Slam West, Los Angeles, CA Papa & Loose! Videos
29 January 1994 Paisley Park Studios, Chanhassen, MN The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
13 February 1994 (a.m.) Paisley Park Studios, Chanhassen, MN
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