20 October 2010

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Prince Live 2010
20 October 2010
Venue Forum København
City, Country Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, Denmark
Band Prince (vox, guitar, bass, keyboard), John Blackwell (drums), Ida Nielsen (bass, vox), Morris Hayes (keyboards), Renato Neto (keyboards), Cassandra O’Neal (keyboards, vox), Sheila E. (percussion, vox), Shelby J. (vox), Elisa Dease (vox), Liv Warfield (vox)
Guest(s) none
Songs Additional Songs Remarks / Personnel

Renato Neto piano intro
Future Soul Song
Raspberry Beret
Let’s Work
U Got The Look
Bridge Over Troubled Water - Pearls B4 The Swine - Love... Thy Will Be Done Shelby J., Liv Warfield, Elisa Dease co-lead vox, sans Prince
Purple Rain
Controversy incl.Housequake chants
Let’s Go Crazy
Delirious Let’s Go Crazy (coda)
A Love Bizarre incl. I Know You Got Soul [Int] & Watermelon Man [Int]
Sexy Dancer (instrumental) / Le Freak Shelby J., Liv Warfield, Elisa Dease co-lead vox
If I Was Your Girlfriend
Sometimes It Snows In April
The Glamorous Life incl. Soul Sacrifice (coda)
Dreamer tease only
Dance (Disco Heat) Shelby J., Liv Warfield, Elisa Dease co-lead vox
Baby I’m A Star

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Show Facts
Advertised Start Time / Start Time Length Of Show Attendance/Capacity Ticket Prices

20:00 / 20:25 170 minutes 10,000 / sold out DKR 780,00 (+ DKR 20) / DKR 580,00 (+ DKR 20)

  • Tickets for this show went on sale on Wednesday 29 September 2010 at 10:00. A limited number of tickets were were made available for ICO Concerts members on 28 September 2010. This pre-sale was to last until 9:00 on 29 September, but supply sold out on the 28th. The other available tickets sold out a few hours after going on sale.
  • Doors to the venue opened at 19:05
  • Music played over the PA was exclusively Prince material, and included: Rebirth Of The Flesh / Shockadelica / Le Grind / She’s Always In My Hair and Mad, amongst others, after which the 20Ten album was played.
  • The backdrop video screen is fed by three cameras: the first facing stage at sound engineer table, a the second on Prince’s left, filming the audience, a third one on Prince’s right, behind Renato Neto (keyboards), filming Prince’s profile.
  • At 20:08 the houselights went off for a moment, then went on again. This teasing was done two more times at 20:16 and 20:23. Prince finally appeared on stage at 20:31.
  • Prince almost exclusively played the Hohner telecaster, apart from Shhh, which was performed on the Purple Fender Stratocaster.
  • The rendition of Future Soul Song was introduced by Ida Nielsen.
  • Until the Bridge Over Troubled Water / Pearls B4 The Swine / Love... Thy Will Be Done medley, Prince wore a black suit, with a blue shirt. He came back for Purple Rain wearing the white "20TEN" outfit, until the end of the concert.
  • Prince sung the verses for Uptown in his lower register voice, using his falsetto only for the choruses.
  • Elisa Dease was offstage during U Got The Look.
  • Elisa Dease sings the first verse of Bridge Over Troubled Water alone, while the two other background singers join for the second verse. The song then goes into one verse of Pearls B4 The Swine, performed by Liv Warfield, who keeps the lead when the song transforms into Love... Thy Will Be Done.
  • Controversy featured a long intro jam, and Prince enters the song with the second verse, before the song turns back into a long jam.
  • A Love Bizarre features an extended jam on which Prince and Sheila E. play a percussion number together, exchanging licks in the middle of it. After a kickdrum segment, Prince leaves stage and appears back with a Black Fender P bass. While proceeding to a few lick, he asks Sheila E. to bring back Ida, and the duo perform a bass battle together.
  • On Sexy Dancer/Le Freak, Prince plays percussion with Sheila E. once more.
  • If I Was Your Girlfriend features a new keyboard soundpatch for the main motif, sounding somewhat between accordion and pan flute.
  • Sometimes It Snows In April is performed by Prince and Renato Neto alone.
  • The houselights went on at 22:32. Two-thirds of the audience had proceeded to exit when at 22:40, Prince came back with Ida Nielsen and John Blackwell (drums), and started to play Peach. Approximatively half of the audience already leaving filed back into the venue, and gathered mostly in the Golden Circle, directly in front of the stage. Sheila E. joins the three players after the song begun, and sat on Renato’s piano with a tambourine.
  • After Peach, the musicians left stage a short moment, before coming back with the rest of the band. While Prince teases a bit of the intro of Dreamer, he turned to John, played a few more licks, and then went into Dance (Disco Heat).
Soundcheck Support Act(s)

  • none

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