21 February 2014

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One-Off Performance
21 February 2014
Venue Manchester Academy 1
City, Country Manchester, England
Band Prince (vox, guitar, bass, (sampler) keyboard), Hannah Welton-Ford (drums), Ida Nielsen (bass), Donna Grantis (guitar), Joshua Welton (cowbell, tambourine, keyboard)
Guest(s) none
Songs Additional Songs Remarks / Personnel

Funknroll Funknroll extended jam
She’s Always In My Hair
I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man
Stratus incl. The Sailor’s Hornpipe [Int]
based on a sampled loop of studio recording Forever In My Life [P] Prince on bass, sans 3rdEyeGirl
based on a sampled loop of studio recording A Love Bizarre [P] '’sans 3rdEyeGirl
based on a sampled loop of studio recording When Doves Cry [P] '’sans 3rdEyeGirl
based on a sampled loop of studio recording Sign O’ The Times [P]
based on a sampled loop of studio recording Hot Thing [P]
based on a sampled loop of studio recording The Most Beautiful Girl In The World [S] '’sans 3rdEyeGirl
based on a sampled loop of studio recording Nasty Girl [S]
based on a sampled loop of studio recording I Would Die 4 U [P]
Purple Rain Prince on keyboard
Let’s Go Crazy incl. Frankenstein [Int]
U Got The Look incl. I Can’t Stand Myself (When You Touch Me) (instrumental) [Int]
Play That Funky Music
The Love We Make Prince on keyboard
Liathach (instrumental) Prince on keyboard
Take Me With U Prince on keyboard
Raspberry Beret Prince on keyboard
Musicology [P] incl. The Max (instrumental) [Int] Prince on keyboard
Cause And Effect (instrumental) Prince on guitar + keyboard
Train In Vain
Crimson And Clover

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Show Facts
Advertised Start Time / Start Time Length Of Show Attendance/Capacity Ticket Prices

19:00 (Doors) / 20:35 145 minutes 2,600 / 2,600 (eventually) £ 70 (+ £ 7 = £ 77) / £70 (at the door) /
£35 (encores only, instead of second show)

  • Shows in Manchester (at the time at an undisclosed location) were first announced by Hannah Welton-Ford at the start of each set of the Kings Place performances on 14 February 2014.
  • Unlike for all the previous UK shows tickets for this show were put on sale on in advance, but without advance notice, on Wednesday 19 February 2014 around 8:00 p.m.. The venue’s twitter account posted at 8:11 PM "We are thrilled to announce Prince & @3RDEYEGIRL play here Fri 21st Feb." At almost the exact same time Prince was presenting a BRIT Award at the O2 in London, saying: '[In] a couple of days we’re gonna be heading up north. So we wanna see you in Manchester. We’re gonna rock it up there a little bit.'
  • This show was put on sale first, followed by a 19:00 show on the 22nd. On line tickets for both sold out within minutes, while 400 tickets were left out, to be sold at the door on the day of show. People line up all day to get these tickets and by the time the queue was inside reportedly some 150 tickets were left.
  • At 8:36 PM, with most of the queue for the show now inside, Prince’s manager Kiran Sharma tweeted about a second show that same night: "HELLO Manchester!!! Guess what...??? You can now start a que for the SECOND SHOW 2NITE!!! :) #princewatch #princearmy @3RDEYEGIRL" This seemed an odd announcement as with it being unclear how many tickets would be sold at the door for the first show, only 250 -300 of the 400 available tickets sold and there was no one actually queuing outside hoping to see Prince by the time the announcement came that there would be a second show. Around 10 p.m. there were about 100 people outside hoping ot get into a second set. But then at 10:11 PM Sharma tweeted again saying" Doors are opening now... Welcome! @3RDEYEGIRL #princewatch #princearmy #£35". With the first show not over yet, this meant that instead of a second show people were now being let into the first one for half price. And a second show was in the end not played.
  • Venue doors opened just before 19:30.
  • Wow was played over the PA right before the first song of the set (Funknroll)
  • Cause And Effect rendition was entirely instrumental, except for the last chorus.
Soundcheck Support Act(s)

  • None

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