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Unreleased Albums
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1990: Untitled Jill Jones album
Untitled Anna Fantastic album

Album details

Intended Release Date: 1990 (assumed)
Label(s): Paisley Park Records (assumed)
Studio(s): Paisley Park Studios, Chanhassen, MN, USA (assumed)

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Carmen Electra
This entry details a tentatively planned album or EP by Anna Garcia (renamed Anna Fantastic by Prince), recorded in early 1989.

Not much is known about the project. Anna Garcia was romantically involved with Prince at that time and inspired songs like Pink Cashmere, Anna Waiting and Lemon Crush. Anna Garcia had previously released a single under the name ‘Sheree' called "Ronnie - Talk To Russia!" which had nothing to do with Prince’s song with the same title. Garcia recruited her friends Tamara Chloe and Eliza Esther to help her on this project which turned into a girl group named "Fantasia Erotica featuring Anna Fantastic" album at that point. Fantasia Erotica, written by Garcia (lyrics) and Prince (music) is the only known song to have been recorded for the project. Other tracks were most likely recorded as Anna Fantastic announced in 2018 that she would release songs that Prince and she wrote together on her forthcoming album "Erotica". On 28 March 2018, Anna posted a video of her and her band dancing to the full version of Fantasia Erotica on Youtube with the following comment: "I will be releasing more songs that Prince and I wrote and recorded for my album "Erotica" for release this summer!". No other songs have since been released and it is likely that no agreement was found with The Prince Estate for "Erotica".

Anna Garcia did not remain in Minneapolis long and went back to Europe when Prince embarked on the Japanese leg of the Lovesexy Tour. With Prince’s attention on projects like the Batman soundtrack, The Time’s Corporate World, the Flash album and a second album for Jill Jones and Garcia not being in Minneapolis, Prince’s time invested in the project was limited. When Garcia was offered a record deal in London, England, her relationship with Prince further deteriorated as she wanted to work with other songwriters, while Prince had planned to write and produce her album entirely (added to the fact that she didn’t have a role in Graffiti Bridge film despite Prince promising her that she would be in it with her band). These disagreements led to the end of their collaboration.

Fantasia Erotica was pulled from the vault in 1991 when Prince started to work with Carmen Electra. Her version was released on her eponymous album in 1993 credited to Prince (music) and Carmen Electra (lyrics). In 2014, Anna Fantastic posted a video on her Facebook page of a rehearsal for a performance video of the song, dated 14 February 1989, and in 2018 a more complete version on YouTube announcing the release of her album. This page will be updated when (or if) Anna Garcia releases her announced album "Erotica".

Track listing

The album was never completed but was believed to include Fantasia Erotica 1

All tracks written by Prince (assumed) except where noted
1 Written by Anna Fantastic (lyrics) and Prince (music)

  • Anna Fantastic - lead vocals
  • Prince – all instruments (assumed)
  • Tamara Chloe – vocals (assumed)
  • Eliza Esther – vocals (assumed)
  • Other performance details unknown


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Corporate World
Unreleased Albums
Unreleased Albums
(Related Artists)
Untitled Jill Jones album