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Album details

Released: 19 June 1989 (Europe)

20 June 1989 (USA)

Length: 42:34
Label(s): Warner Bros. Records
Studio(s): Paisley Park Studios, Chanhassen, MN, USA

Charts, Certifications & Awards

Country: Chart Entry Date Peak Position Weeks in Chart
USA: Billboard Top Pop Albums 8 Jul. 1989 1(6) 34
USA: Billboard Top Black Albums 15 Jul. 1989 5 29
USA: The Billboard 200 14 May 2016 61R 2
R indicates re-entry of an album that had already charted.
Country: Chart Entry Date Peak Position Weeks in Chart
Austria: Alben Top 75 15 Jul. 1989 3 20
Germany: Musikmarkt Top 75 Albums 3 Jul. 1989 3(?) 25
The Netherlands: Nationale Totale Top 100 1 Jul. 1989 1(1) 23
Norway: VG-Lista Week 26/1989 2(?) 12
Sweden: Album Charts 28 Jun. 1989 2(?) 9
Switzerland: Schweizer Hitparade 2 Jul. 1989 1(2) 19
U.K.: UK Albums Chart 1 Jul. 1989 1(1) 20
Country: Chart Entry Date Peak Position Weeks in Chart
Australia: ARIA Top 50 Albums 23 Jul. 1989 4 15
New Zealand: Albums Charts 23 Jul. 1989 4 21
Institution, Country Date Certification
RIAA, USA 29 Aug. 1989 Platinum x2 (2 millions)
BPI, UK 28 Jun. 1989 Gold (100,000)
BPI, UK 1st Nov. 1989 Platinum (300,000)
SNEP, France 1989 Gold (100,000)
SNEP, France 18 Oct. 2001 Platinum (400,000)
BVMI, Germany 1990 Gold (250,000)
ARIA, Australia 1989 Gold (75,000)
This album has not received any awards in the USA

Singles released

b/w 200 Balloons
b/w Feel U Up
The Arms Of Orion
b/w I Love U In Me
b/w Sex
Trust (Hong Kong promo only)
b/w None
The Future (Europe only)
b/w Electric Chair

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Alternate Album Configuration

  • March 1989 configuration
  1. The Future
  2. Electric Chair
  3. The Arms Of Orion
  4. Partyman
  5. Vicki Waiting
  6. Trust
  7. Lemon Crush
  8. Scandalous
  9. Dance With The Devil

  • Undated configuration
  1. The Future
  2. Electric Chair
  3. Scandalous
  4. Partyman
  5. Vicki Waiting
  6. Trust
  7. Lemon Crush
  8. Dance With The Devil
  9. Batdance
  10. The Arms Of Orion
Batman (the motion picture soundtrack to the Tim Burton movie Batman) is the eleventh full-length studio album by Prince, and the first and only soundtrack album by Prince for a movie in which he was not involved as an actor. It was released worldwide in June 1989.

First steps

Director Tim Burton had used two Prince songs (1999 and Baby I’m A Star) in a rough cut of the movie, and felt they worked so well that in mid-December 1988, he contacted Prince to ask if he would re-record the tracks for use in the movie, or provide new tracks instead.

Prince was initially uncertain, until visiting the movie set in January 1989, where he met Burton, discussed the concept, and watched a rough cut portion of the movie. He became so interested in writing music for the movie that he considered cancelling the Japanese leg of the Lovesexy Tour, but it would have been too costly to do so.

Sessions and compiling

Prince began recording songs for the album in mid-February 1989, immediately after returning from the Lovesexy Tour, and he previewed eleven songs in late February, including Rave Unto The Joy Fantastic and 200 Balloons, intended to replace 1999 and Baby I’m A Star respectively), and Batman Theme.

He worked on the album further in March 1989, recording Partyman and Trust (to replace Rave Unto The Joy Fantastic and 200 Balloons respectively). Dance With The Devil was recorded for the album, but Prince considered the song to be too dark and replaced it with Batdance, which was the last song recorded for the album.

While the bulk of the album was recorded between mid-February and the end of March 1989, Electric Chair was recorded in June 1988, and Scandalous in October 1988. In addition, Vicki Waiting was a revamped version of Anna Waiting, initially recorded in December 1988.


Of note is that while the credits denote that Prince sings lead vocals, the lyrics are in fact attributed to characters from the movie, as if Prince is singing on their behalf. The Future and Scandalous are attributed to Batman, while Electric Chair, Partyman and Trust are attributed to The Joker.

The Arms Of Orion is attributed to Bruce Wayne (Batman’s alter-ego) and Vicki Vale, while Vicki Waiting is attributed to Bruce Wayne alone, and Lemon Crush is attributed to Vicki Vale alone.

Batdance attributes different lines to different characters from the movie and to Gemini, a character half-Batman, half-Joker created by Prince.

The only lines attributed to Prince, which seems very intentional, are the finale of Trust, "Who do ya trust if you can’t trust God? Who can you trust - who can ya? Nobody." and Batdance ("Stop").


The album produced five commercially-released singles, Batdance (which preceded the album), Partyman, The Arms Of Orion, Scandalous! and The Future (released in Europe only). Trust was also available as a promotional single in Hong Kong only (with no commercial release).

Prince did not tour to support the album, having just completed the Lovesexy Tour in early 1989, but several songs from the album were played on the 1990 Nude Tour, which took place before the release of Prince’s next album, Graffiti Bridge.

The album reached number 1 on the US Billboard Top Pop Albums Chart and stayed there 6 consecutive weeks, and number 5 on the Billboard Top Black Albums Chart.

It was certified Platinum x2 on 29 August 1989 by the RIAA, indicating 2 million copies shipped in the USA.

Track listing
  1. The Future (4:07)
  2. Electric Chair (4:07)
  3. The Arms Of Orion (5:02) 1 
  4. Partyman (3:11)
  5. Vicki Waiting (4:51)
  6. Trust (4:23)
  7. Lemon Crush (4:15)
  8. Scandalous (6:14) 2 
  9. Batdance (6:13)
  • Side 1:
  1. The Future (4:07)
  2. Electric Chair (4:07)
  3. The Arms Of Orion (5:02) 1 
  4. Partyman (3:11)
  5. Vicki Waiting (4:51)
  • Side 2:
  1. Trust (4:23)
  2. Lemon Crush (4:15)
  3. Scandalous (6:14) 2 
  4. Batdance (6:13)

All songs written by Prince, except where noted.

1  Written by Prince and Sheena Easton.
2  Written by Prince and John L. Nelson.




LP, CD, Cassettes and Other versions
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Variants, Special Editions and Reissues
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Additional Information

Promotion (at time of release) Trivia

  • UK and US Press adverts published in august 1989.

Press advert pubvlished in UK press   US press advert published in Billboard on 26 August 1989 to commemorate 3 millions copies shipped

US press advert published in Rolling Stone on 10 August 1989

  • An early configuration of the album is known to exist containing an extra track Dance With The Devil but omitting Batdance, which had not yet been recorded (see alternative section above). The sequence is otherwise the same as released. A different early configuration has Batdance as well as Dance With The Devil segueing into one another, and has the track order slightly revised with Scandalous as track 3 and The Arms Of Orion as the last track. Some of the film dialogue is also not present in the versions on this configuration.
  • In an article published in 2022, Sounds Of Blackness’director Gary Hines discusses their recording session with Prince : "We recorded one song, which wound up being Scandalous. I say that because he remixed or reformatted what we did to where it was a whole ’nother creation. Originally, we were just going to do one song, but it was going so well. We got there probably at 7, 8 o’clock. By this time, it’s midnight. Sheila E. is actually conducting, or engineering, I should say, most of the session. Then he pulls me aside and says, "Gary Hines, I’m really happy. This is going so well, Gary Hines." I’m not exaggerating. He would do that all the time.". In an other interview, Hines gives other details about that one and only session involving Prince and Sounds Of Blackness: "In addition to the lengthy late nights - early morning phone conversations pouring out heart and soul, then some of the projects we were blessed with him on was like the Batman soundtrack. I’ll never forget he called and said they had this really important project that he wanted us to work with him on. At the time, he couldn’t even tell us what it was, he told us afterwards. He said we probably would stay an hour or two in the studio; of course we were there all night (laugh). We had a great time! In fact, Sheila E. actually engineered; she was at the console much of the session and Prince was producing. That was on a Halloween. I will never forget that. Of course there are countless others, but those are among the standouts.". Scandalous was recorded in mid-October 1988 (two weeks before Halloween), while he was working on both Rave Unto The Joy Fantastic and the Graffiti Bridge albums. Although that track is not known to have been considered for those projects, Prince’s organisation was contacted by the people behind the Batman film only in mid-december 1988, two months after the recording of the song. Since their contribution was discarded from that track, and that no other recording session with Sounds Of Blackness took place, it is likely that their vocals sampled on Batman soundtrack (the The Future and possibly Batdance) come from that session.
  • When reaching the number one spot of the Billboard 200 on 22 July 1989, Prince’s Batman soundtrack replaced Fine Young Cannibals’s album The Raw And The The Cooked which contains significant contributions by David Z. and was partially recorded at Paisley Park Studios. Fine Young Cannibal’s album itself took the number one position 7 weeks earlier from Madonna’s album Like A Prayer which contains contributions from Prince.
  • A limited edition was available at the time of the album’s release, featuring a 5" circular metal can containing the CD (as a picture disc) and a circular booklet.
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