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1979: Unreleased project.png Untitled The Rebels album
Untitled ‘Suzie Stone’ album

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Album details

Intended Release Date: 1978
Label(s): Warner Bros. (assumed)
Studio(s): France Avenue Home Studio in Edina, MN, USA

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This entry details a planned album for Sue Ann Carwell, Prince worked on in Summer 1978. This project marks the first attempt by Prince to create a side-project in which he would write and produce songs for other artists. It was quickly abandonned however after the recording of four songs and never went beyond the demos stage.

Prince met Sue Ann Carwell (who was 15 at that time) when he was forming his band, just after the release of For You. He immediately wanted to produce an album for her, and gave her the nickname Suzy Stone (or Susie Stone). Four songs were recorded at Prince’s France Avenue Home Studio in Edina, Minnesota: I’m Saving It Up, Make It Through The Storm, Since We’ve Been Together and Wouldn’t You Love To Love Me?. I’m Saving It Up, assumed to have been co-written by Prince and Sue Ann Carwell, was the only 'new song', the other tracks dated back from 1976.

The album never came to fruition, however, as Prince and Sue Ann Carwell had disagreements about the way he handled the project, her work ethic, and the fact that Carwell didn’t want to use a fictitious name to launch her career. After abandoning the project, Sue Ann Carwell signed a management contract with Owen Husney, which lead to a record contract with Warner Bros. and the release of her first and eponymous album in 1981. The album, produced by Pete Bellotte did not contain any input from Prince. A new version of Make It Through The Storm was nevertheless chosen as the b-side (and non-album track) for the second single of the album, Let Me Let You Rock Me. Chris Moon took full credit for Make It Through The Storm and gave in exchange full credit on My Love Is Forever to Prince, which Moon also wrote lyrics for.

Prince reworked Wouldn’t You Love To Love Me? over the years before the song was ultimately released by Taja Sevelle on her album in 1987 (and as a single in 1988). Since We’ve Been Together and I’m Saving It Up remain unreleased.

Track listing

The album was never completed but was believed to include:

All tracks written by Prince except where noted
1 Written by Sue Ann Carwell (lyrics) and Prince (music) (assumed)
2 Written by Chris Moon (lyrics) and Prince (music)



Additional Information


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Unreleased Albums
Unreleased Albums
(Related Artists)
Untitled The Rebels album
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