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The Electric Lady

Album details

Released: 10 September 2013
Length: 67:19
Label(s): Bad Boy Records
Studio(s): Wondaland Recording Studios, Atlanta, GA, USA; Paisley Park Studios, Chanhassen, MN, USA (assumed, uncredited)

Charts, Certifications & Awards

Country: Chart Entry Date Peak Position Weeks in Chart
USA: Billboard 200 28 Sep. 2013 5 1
USA: Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums 28 Sep. 2013 3(?) 1
Country: Chart Entry Date Peak Position Weeks in Chart
Belgium: Ultratop Vlandereen 14 Sep. 2013 60 5
Belgium: Ultratop Wallonie 14 Sep. 2013 72 6
Denmark: Album Top 40 20 Sep. 2013 11 2
Finland: Album Charts Week 37/2013 40 2
France: SNEP Top 100 21 Sep. 2013 50 4
Germany: ? 2013 68 1
The Netherlands: Album Top 100 14 Sep. 2013 28 4
Norway: VG-Lista Week 37/2013 16 3
Spain: Album Top 100 15 Sep. 2013 44 2
Switzerland: Schweizer Hitparade 29 Sep. 2013 30 3
U.K.: Albums Chart 21 Sep. 2013 14 3
Country: Chart Entry Date Peak Position Weeks in Chart
Australia: ARIA Top 50 Albums 29 Sep. 2013 22 1
New Zealand: Albums Chart 23 Sep. 2013 24 1
This album has not received any certifications in the USA
This album has not received any awards in the USA

Singles released

The 2 singles released from this album didn’t contain a Prince contribution:

  • Q.U.E.E.N.
  • Dance Apocolyptic
The Electric Lady is the second studio album by Janelle Monáe, and her first to include input by Prince. It was released in September 2013, on Bad Boy Records, three years after her first album.

Prince appears on one track, Givin Em What They Love, providing co-lead vocals, guitar and bass guitar, as well as co-writing the lyrics (most likely writing lyrics for his own vocal section). The track is written by Charles Joseph II, Janelle Monáe, Nathaniel Irvin III, Terrence L. Brown, Chuck Lightning, Nate "Rocket" Wonder and Prince, and produced by Janelle Monáe, Nate "Rocket" Wonder and Chuck Lightning (the latter pair as "Wonder & Lightning"), with co-production by Roman GianArthur.

Sessions and compiling

While specific recording dates are not known, Givin Em What They Love is assumed to have been recorded in mid-to-late 2012 (Janelle Monáe first performed the song during the 27 September 2012 (a.m.): House Of Blues Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA Prince one-off show, albeit without Prince), with the main portion of the track recorded at Wondaland Recording Studios, Atlanta, GA, USA. While credits do not indicate Prince’s contributions were recorded separately, it is likely that he recorded his contributions at Paisley Park Studios, Chanhassen, MN, USA.

The track is the only known studio collaboration between Prince and Janelle Monáe, though they have publicly shared their mutual respect since her debut album The ArchAndroid was released in 2010, and she has appeared on stage with Prince multiple times. Of note also is that the track features additional bass guitar by Esperanza Spalding, who shares a similar relationship with Prince. She and Prince also worked together on We Are America, released two months after Janelle Monáe’s album.

Q.U.E.E.N. receives a song entry page as Prince remixed the track and streamed it on 3rdEye TV in june 2013. It is not shown as a Prince-related tracks below as the album version contains no input by him (see Q.U.E.E.N. for details).


Four singles have been released from the album: Q.U.E.E.N., Dance Apocalyptic, PrimeTime and Electric Lady. The album reached number 5 on the Billboard 200 and number 3 on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums.

Track listing
CD Target exclusive 2CD edition

Details given for Prince-related tracks only:

  1. Suite IV Electric Overture
  2. Givin Em What They Love (4:26) - featuring Prince 1
  3. Q.U.E.E.N. - featuring Erykah Badu
  4. Electric Lady - featuring Solange
  5. Good Morning Midnight
  6. PrimeTime - featuring Miguel
  7. We Were Rock & Roll
  8. The Chrome Shoppe
  9. Dance Apocalyptic
  10. Look Into My Eyes
  11. Suite V Electric Overture
  12. It’s Code
  13. Ghetto Woman
  14. Our Favorite Fugitive
  15. Victory
  16. Can’t Live Without Your Love
  17. Sally Ride
  18. Dorothy Dandridge Eyes - featuring Esperanza Spalding
  19. What An Experience
  • Disc 1:
  1. Suite IV Electric Overture
  2. Givin Em What They Love (4:26) - featuring Prince 1
  3. Q.U.E.E.N. - featuring Erykah Badu
  4. Electric Lady - featuring Solange
  5. Good Morning Midnight
  6. PrimeTime - featuring Miguel
  7. We Were Rock & Roll
  8. The Chrome Shoppe
  9. Dance Apocalyptic
  10. Look Into My Eyes
  • Disc 2:
  1. Suite V Electric Overture
  2. It’s Code
  3. Ghetto Woman
  4. Our Favorite Fugitive
  5. Victory
  6. Can’t Live Without Your Love
  7. Sally Ride
  8. Dorothy Dandridge Eyes - featuring Esperanza Spalding
  9. What An Experience
  10. Q.U.E.E.N. (Wondamix) - featuring Erykah Badu
  11. Electric Lady (Dungeon-Wondamix) - featuring Big Boi and Cee-Lo Green
  12. HYTB
  13. I Want You Back

1 Written by Charles Joseph II, Janelle Monáe, Nathaniel Irvin III, Terrence L. Brown, Chuck Lightning, Nate "Rocket" Wonder and Prince (lyrics)

  • Janelle Monáe - vocals (credited for "lead howls"), background vocals (credited for "background acrobatics")
  • Prince - co-lead vocals (credited for "lead howls"), background vocals (credited for "background acrobatics"), bass guitar (credited for "additional bass guitar shotgun blasts"), guitar (credited for "magical guitar")
  • Nate "Rocket" Wonder - drums, bass guitar (credited for "bass guitar boogie"), additional guitar, piano (credited for "magic piano"), percussion and background vocals (credited for "background acrobatics")
  • Esperanza Spalding - bass guitar (credited for "additional bass guitar shotgun blasts")
  • Kellindo Parker - rhythm guitar
  • Terrence L. Brown - organ (credited as "Terrence L. Brown of All Cows Eat Grass")
  • Kebbi Williams - tenor saxophone and flute (credited as "Hornz Unlimited")
  • Christopher Burns - trombone (credited as "Hornz Unlimited")
  • Jason P. Freeman - trumpet and flugelhorn (credited as "Hornz Unlimited")
  • Lance Powlis - trumpet
  • Roman GianArthur Irvin - percussion and background vocals (credited for "background acrobatics")
  • Alexander Page - violin and viola (credited for "Wild West strings" as "The Wondaland ArchOrchestra")
  • Grace Shim - cello (credited for "Wild West strings" as "The Wondaland ArchOrchestra")

  • Janelle Monáe - producer, executive producer, additional paintings
  • Nate "Rocket" Wonder - producer (credited as part of "Wonder & Lightning"), arrangement, string arrangements, additional horn arrangement, executive producer
  • Chuck Lightning - producer (credited as part of "Wonder & Lightning"), arrangement, executive producer
  • Roman GianArthur - co-producer
  • Sean "Diddy" Combs - executive producer
  • Antwan "Big Boi" Patton -
  • Mitch “Mitchowski” Martin - associate album producer, A&R direction & coordination
  • Roman GianArthur - associate album producer
  • Lanre Gaba - Atlantic A&R administration
  • Jeremy Kaplan - Atlantic legal
  • Tony Corey - Atlantic marketing
  • Ashaunna Ayars - Atlantic marketing
  • Lord Mikael Moore - management
  • Lord Kelli Andrews - management for Wondaland Management
  • Chuck Lightning - creative and art direction
  • Sam Spratt - cover paintings and additional artwork
  • Chad Weatherford - additional paintings
  • Marc Baptiste - photography
  • Sachiko Asano - packaging layouts
  • Carolyn Tracey - packaging production
  • Jonathan E. Leonard, Esq. - Legal representation for The Wondaland Arts Society
  • Paradigm Talent Agency - domestic booking
  • William Morris Endeavor - international booking
  • Neal H Pogue - mixing engineer
  • Randy Warnken - assistant mixing engineer
  • Vernon Mungo - protools editor
  • Larry Anthony - mastering at COS Mastering, Atlanta, GA, USA
  • Kebbi Williams - horn composition and arrangement (credited as "Hornz Unlimited")
  • Christopher Burns - horn composition and arrangement (credited as "Hornz Unlimited")
  • Jason P. Freeman - horn composition and arrangement (credited as "Hornz Unlimited")

  • "To all my family in Kansas, near, and far: For being patient with me as I wrote this album. I know I missed some pretty important things. Your support truly helped me keep my heart less heavy. We shall dance and cry together now. To Mama and, both my dads, John & Michael (I’m lucky) for your unconditional love. You taught me how to turn nothing into something and the importance of working hard for the community. Growing up with you, is one of the greatest things to ever happen to me. I’d choose you all over again if given the chance. To Kimmy for reminding me to relax. My niece and nephew, Cecil & Khloé Monáe for reminding me to have fun. To my Hawthorne Family, Quinn family, Johnson Family, Everette Family, Norman Family, Khalil Family, Robinson Family, Irvin Family, Joseph Family, and Goforth Family for every prayer. I felt them all. To the W.A.S. (Wondaland Arts Society) for being my family. My Nucleus. You are the consummate Artists, Lovers, Thought Leaders, Visionaries, Dreamers, Imaginateers, Thrivals, Fighters, Forgivers, and true Givers of the future. I’m honored I W.A.S. here with you. Nate “Rocket” Wonder & Chuck Lightning: You both have been like water and air to me since the beginning of this journey. Simply put, Our Creator knew I could not have made this album without you. I would not be the android I am without you. You’ve both helped me stay strong, grounded, imaginative, and inspired time after time. You’ve helped me soar when I didn’t think I had wings. Thank you for always believing in me and for being patient with this Electric Lady. I love you. Roman GianArthur: For lending your super powers graciously. You help us in ways we can’t quantify. What an inspiring being you are to me and will be to the rest of the world. I love you lil’ brother. Mitchell A. Martin II (Chowski): For helping navigate our Time Machine to land in the right place on time always. Thanks for your ears and guidance throughout each process. Couldn’t have done it without cha. Love you. Lord Mikael Moore & Lord Kelli Andrews (Wondaland Management): For your continued hard work, belief, love, and support of me and my project. Thank you for your patience. We could not move this ship without each of your super powers. Love you both dearly. Azza Gallab: Our Wondaland Experience Architect. What an experience! Thanks for making all of our lives more inspiring. Love you! My big brother and mentor Antwan “Big Boi” Patton for continuing to believe in me always. I love you.

    To Sean Combs for continuing to believe in me as an artist and businesswoman and for your guidance always. To Harve Pierre & the entire Bad Boy family. To the Entire Atlantic Family: Julie Greenwald for continuing to trust our vision and going to battle need be whenever we need you. Thank you for being a true advocate for strong women everywhere. You are the consummate Electric Lady. Craig Kallman for continuing to be a believer in our imaginations and helping our vision come into fruition. We truly appreciate your guidance. Michael “Kys” Kyser, Cara “Sorcerer” Donatto, Tony Corey, David Miller, Tappy, KP Prather, Mike Caren, Lanre Gaba, Jeremy Kaplan, David Saslow, Marisa Bianco, Sheila Richman, Ashaunna Ayars, Morace Landy, Kathi Moore, Camille Hackney, Jonathan Feldman, Joi Pitts, Brad Rains, Jenya Meggs, Jason Pleskow, Rob Gold, Greg Burke, Kara Hailele Griffin, Jack McMorrow, Matt Engelman, Adam Abramson,Tom Capodanno, Tara Curtis, Paul Sinclair, Cannon Kent, Dwight Willacy, Kenny Mahone, Gena Camarena, Michael Barnes, Kevin Holiday, Leroy Johnson, LaRonn Harris, Deborah Dorsey, Monique Davis, Michele Cranford, Carolyn Tracey, Nikisha Bailey, Marliesse Stephens, Emmanuelle Cuny-Diop, Craig Rosen, Kevin Weaver, Sharon Masters, Kristy Gibson, Brian Corona. Atlantic International: Torsten Luth, Stu Bergen, Nordia West, Max Lousada, Mark Mitchell, Taponeswa Mavunga, Mel Rudder, Damian Christian, Phil Youngman, Deirdre Moran, Carrie Curtis, Jamie Burgess, Thierry Chassagne, Romain Pasquier, Alain Veille, Laurence Delbasty, Roman Tassinari, Amael Marsaut, Bernd Dopp, Michael Brycz, Fabian Drebes, Marco Braun, Feven Kiflom, Steve Kane, Anthony Reyes, Dave Stelling, Steve Coady, Tony Harlow, Mardi Caught, Georgia Hull, Phil Howling, Jeremy Morrow, Lisa Cotter, Sage Ono, Keitaro Sumii.

    To my album co-conspirators: Prince Rogers Nelson: HiddenColors1&Two, Thank you for being an incredible friend and for sharing your gift with us. We are forever indebted. Thank you for believing in me, trusting me, and for your light and guidance. I owe you Africa, the stars, and the Ethiopian sea. Twin (Erykah Badu): QUEEN, you are the consummate Electric Lady. Thank you for always being there for me and inspiring me infinitely. Thank you for trusting me. Your belief in me means so much. I owe you Brazil and the 2nd pyramid built, big sis. I love you deeply, 20. Solange Knowles: Thank you for lending your beautiful voice. I am so grateful for you. Thanks for trusting me. You are an inspiration my friend. “Ooh shock it, shake it baby!” an Electric Lady you are. It’s always a ball jammin’ with you. I owe you art basel. Love U Solo. Miguel: “PrimeTime,” Your voice is something special. Thank you for your time and contribution. I’m honored to have you be a part of this project. Thanks for your trust. Know that I’m still taller than you and I owe you all the stars peeking up above. Esperanza Spalding: I love you “Dorothy Dandridge Eyes”, What an Electric Lady you are. You inspire me in so many ways. Thanks for giving me your trust, time, your angelic voice. Give me all your hair please. To CeeLo Green for your contribution & to the whole Goodie Mob for always being inspiring allies. OutKast for your your support & ears during each album process. Essy, for helping me find peace and balance. Special thank you to my mentor and spiritual guru, Stevie Wonder. Thank you for your light. You continue to inspire me.

    To my ArchOrchestra touring family: You have made time traveling around the globe a pure joy for me. The memories we have made together will remain stamped in my heart forever. Looking forward to the future. Jeff, Kim, George 2.0, Kellindo Parker, Terrence Brown, Mike P., Brandon, Grace, Alex, Glen, Andrew, Lance, Marcus, Rae, Ashley, Tony, Chris, Paul, Fabrice, Joey. Legal: To Shawn Nolan for all your help. To Jonathan E. Leonard for being such a good friend and advisor to us since the beginning. Emotion Picture Directors & Collaborators: Alan Ferguson, Russell Santos, David Kim, Wendy Morgan, Cisco Newman, Jannie McInnes, Lacey Duke. To the “Android Maintenance Team” ! Thank u for being incredible spirits to work with: Caprice Greene, Saisha Beecham, Provi Fulp, George Esquivel, Ted Gibson, Jessica Smalls, Maeve Reilly, Erin Hirsh, Theresa Michelle. Paradigm Agency: Thank you for being the best booking agent and agency that a hard working android could ask for! Marty Diamond, Ashley Mowry, Dawn Pierson, Tracy Ketcher, Greg Janese, Seth Malasky. David Levy, Tony Goldring, and the whole WME international touring team for your love, belief, and hard work: Shaz Qureshi, Cameron Kaiser, Dom Chung, Lauren Einbinder, Naval Shadi, Noah Simon. To the entire WME team: Dave Wirtschafter, Charles King, Todd Jacobs, Amos Newman, Marc Geiger, Strand Conover, Blythe Scokin, Rana Zand, Jack Sheehan, Ella Street. Marc Baptiste, Sam Spratt, Chad Weatherford, Adam Keker for being some of THE most amazing artists of our time.

    Electric Lady Sound Sculptors: Neal Pogue, Chris Carmouche, Gary Fly, Ray Murray, Randy Warnken, Larry Anthony, Terrence L. Brown (T. Brown), Kellindo Parker, YoungPete Alexander, Alex Page, Grace Shim, Hornz Unlimited, Darryl Reeves, Trombone Shorty, Marcus Lewis, Lance Powlis, Brandon Gilliard, Cutmaster Swiff. To all my friends and fam who encouraged and brought beautiful energy throughout the process: Love you, Brit, Jovi, George, Jeff, T. Brown, Kellindo, Kim (for being a great assistant & helping me always) Fear & Fancy crew: Jidenna, Milan, Eleanor, Brian Davis, Charles Mitchell, Sharmin, Mia Nunnally, Wintter, St. Beauty, Deep Cotton, Roman GianArthur, & so many more! COVERGIRL, Grey Advertising, United Entertainment Group and Marina Maher Communications, Sonos, Target, BET, Steven Hill, Debra Lee, DJ Beverly Bond (Black Girls ROCK), Reneeka Versey, Christopher Patterson, Eli Turner, Jabari Parker, Jennifer Drake (ASCAP), Jon Jon Webb, Sean O’Loughlin, Emil Wilbekin, Esi Eggleston. To EVERY blog, online publication, magazine, etc for writing about me, my music, my message. I don’t take it for granted. To the F.A.N.D.R.O.I.D.S: I feel your prayers, love, and support. We love you. We see you. I dedicate “The Electric Lady” to the 1,000,000 Electric Ladies that will create themselves. I dedicate this album to Cindi Mayweather. Electric Lady #1. Thank you for coming into my dreams and my paintings. You sent me your songs, your thoughts, your prayers, your stories and through you I was able to activate myself. I wouldn’t want to share DNA with anyone other than you. See you where I always see you, in the future. "

LP, CD, Cassettes and Other versions
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USA CD 536210-2
USA CD x2 536212-2 Targetexclusive edition
UK CD 7567-86840-5

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