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2003: The Chocolate Invasion (7CD set) Unreleased Albums
Unreleased Albums
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2010: 20Ten Deluxe
The Rainbow Children 2

Album details

Intended Release Date: 2004
Label(s): NPG Records (assumed)
Studio(s): Paisley Park Studios, Chanhassen, MN, USA (assumed)

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The Rainbow Children
The Rainbow Children 2 is thought to be an unreleased album by Prince worked on in 2004 as a follow-up to The Rainbow Children released in 2001.

It was mentioned by Sam Jennings in 2016 when he was quoted as having been asked by Prince to work on the packaging for that album. The artwork was a portrait of him made by artist Pablo Lobato, initially for The Hartford Courant paper to illustrate a review for the show that Prince was giving on 17 July 2004 at the Hartford Civic Center during the Musicology Live 2004ever tour. Prince liked the illustration and purchased it. He then requested an illustration of Manuela Testolini from Lobato. This drawing served as the basis for the design of the album cover.

Nothing else is known about the album, although it has been speculated that it may contain The Work Part 2 but this has not been verified.

Track listing
  • Unknown (see notes above for possible tracks)
  • All songs written by Prince (assumed).

  • Prince - all vocals and instruments (assumed)


Additional Information


  • Book:

Prince 1958-2016: Stories from the Purple Underground, Mobeen Azhar (2016)

  • Press:

The many ways of seeing Prince by Amy King and Suzette Moyer ( 22 April 2014).

  • Social Media:

Live Interview: Sam Jennings by Funkatopia (15 March 2023)
Pablo Lobato Twitter account.

The Chocolate Invasion (7CD set)
Unreleased Albums
Unreleased Albums
(Related Artists)
20Ten Deluxe