Game Boyz

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Game Boyz

The Game Boyz (sometimes as Game Boys) is a collective name for the trio Tony M., Damon Dickson and Kirk Johnson. They first appeared in the movie Purple Rain as an unnamed dance group and later also appeared in the video for Glam Slam. Prince then recruited them as dancers on the Nude Tour. The trio performed together (with among others Kirk Johnson’s sister Kathleen Johnson) as M.P.L.S. (unrelated to Prince’s 1993-4 group Minneapolis) in 1989.

Apart from dancing Tony M. also appeared as a rapper on the tour, while Kirk Johnson, who would later be drummer in The NPG for a number of years, also played percussion. While they were quite prominent in The NPG line-ups of 1990-1993 they never made any albums under the name 'Game Boyz'. They were part of The NPG line up on their first solo album Gold Nigga, but not featured as 'Game Boyz'

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