Love (Got A Hold On Me)

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Love (Got A Hold On Me)


  • First appeared on: information needed
  • Prince related release: A live version of the track sung by The Steeles was released on The Sacrifice Of Victor Home Video (filmed on 8 September 1993 (a.m.) at Bagley’s Warehouse in London, England). Prince did not actively participate in the live rendition of the song. Its first known performance was an interpolation in The Sacrifice Of Victor, and was released in audio and video format in 2023.
  • The song is listed as Power Of Love on the sleeve but correctly listed on the end credits.
  • Composed by: JD Steele and Darryl Boudreaux

Performed by Prince

 8 September 1993 (a.m.) : Bagley’s Warehouse, London, England (only known performance)