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Activity: 24 March, 2014 - Onwards
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  • Creation Date: 24-mar-14
  • Expiration Date: 24-mar-15
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(Official Website) is a Prince website launched on 4 April, 2014 to serve as his new publishing company, NPG Public Publishing, main contact.

Since the release of Controversy album, Prince has always controlled his copyrights though his many publishing companies (Controversy Music, Emancipated Music Inc etc.).

Lately administrated by Universal Music, Prince decided to be a free agent in 2012. A press release on 4 April, 2014 announced that Prince created a new publishing company and was assigning it the rights to his latest single Fallinlove2nite. In addition, Prince’s entire back catalog was assigned to the Publishing Company.

It is not uncommon for bands and artists to own their own publishing companies. Ray Charles was the pioneer in this.

Of note 6 song were registred under NPG Music Publishing between August and November 1995 in the US Copyright Office: Mo' Better, Rock ‘N’ Roll Is Alive! (And It Lives In Minneapolis), Children Of The Sun, Ain’t No Place Like U, In Your Gracious Name and Baby Don’t Care.

At launch, the website only contains a contact form.


The company will be responsible for ensuring Prince receives payment when his compositions are used commercially. It will license compositions, helps monitor where they are used, and collects royalties on behalf of Prince. It will also secure commissions for music and promote existing compositions to recording artists, film, television, video games etc.

The copyrights owned and administered by publishing companies are one of the most important forms of intellectual property in the music industry. Publishing companies play a central role in managing this asset, regarded as vital for artists.

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Additional Information


  • PR press release sent to media outlets on 4 April, 2014:

    Grammy winning multi-platinum music icon Prince has assigned his vast catalogue of songs to NPG Music Publishing. While the terms of the deal are not public, it includes a schedule of songs that Prince considers "fit 4 eternal publication."

    The catalogue includes hits such as “Kiss,” “When Doves Cry,” “Little Red Corvette,” “Let’s Go Crazy,” “U Got the Look,” “Purple Rain,” “Diamonds and Pearls,” and many, many more. NPG Music Publishing marks the first time Prince’s publishing has been independently controlled and administered in over twenty years.

    NPG Music Publishing was founded by Artists for Artists. The team will be led by some of the best talent in the industry.

    NPG Music Publishing assisted with Prince’s newest single on Epic Records, "FALLINLOVE2NITE," which was featured in the hit FOX television show New Girl earlier this year. The special episode featuring Prince aired directly after the Super Bowl and brought in record-breaking viewership.

    NPG Music Publishing is now actively seeking placement for some of Prince’s best-loved songs in film, television, video games and the commercial realm.

    Rolling Stone has called Prince "One of the most naturally gifted artists of all time," and now the world will be able to experience and enjoy more of his music through a myriad of mediums.

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