North Arm Drive Home Studio

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North Arm Drive Home Studio

Overview & History

The North Arm Drive Home Studio was the studio in the house Prince rented after moving from France Avenue and before moving to the Kiowa Trail house. He lived and recorded there for a little over a year from September 1979 till late 1980. The house was situated on 680 North Arm Drive in Orono, Minnesota (although usually incorrectly listed as the neighboring Mound, Minnesota, USA on documents addressed to him).


The studio was at the back of the house. Behind the living room was an adjacent part where the studio started. The drum booth was under water with sand bags along the sides. There was a drain of water, due to a cesspool that was cut into a hill that was abandoned. There was no room for a piano in the studio where Prince had a 16-track Soundcraft series 200B recording unit, set up in the kitchen of the house.

Material Produced



The following albums have been recorded at the North Arm Drive Home Studio. Check album pages for details.



The following songs have been recorded at North Arm Drive Home Studio: