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7 single promotion

This postcard is a promotional contest card sent by Warner Bros. Records to retaillers in the USA.

Its back reads the following text:
"Win a very special very limited edition Prince & The N.P.G. T-Shirt!!! All U have 2 do is name the first "7" tracks from the new album by Prince & The N.P.G., we will pick "7" winners a day ' "7" days (from November 19-November 25)... so don’t delay. Call toll-free 800-333-HITS (M-F 8AM-5PM PST) of fax 310-652-0907 or write MLM 8739 Sunset Blvd. L.A., CA 90069... And name the 1st "7" tracks from the new album... But hurry!

"7" is the new killer single from Prince & The N.P.G. - Street date is November 19, 1992."

Below the text are printed Warner Bros. and Paisley Park logos.

Postcard details
Publisher Card ID Dimensions

Warner Bros Records Inc.


10,8 x 15,2 cm

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