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7, Damn U and Symbolpurple.png promotion

This postcard is a contest promotion postcard sent by Warner Bros. records to retailers in the USA.

The text on its back says : "That's right... Time is running out 4 U 2 enter the Prince & The N.P.G. display contest & win a trip 2 London, Paris, Tokyo, or any 1 of 8 other fun cities!!! Just send a picture of your Prince & The N.P.G. display to Macey Lipman Marketing 8739 Sunset Blvd., L.A., CA 90069. The 1st 250 photos received will win a prince & The NPG baseball cap (entries must be received before Dec. 24, 1992). Make Sure you have stock 4 the holidays on these Prince & the N.P.G. releases Symbolblue.png (45037), "7" (18824) available on cassette single, 7" and CD5", 7" (40574) available on 12" and maxi-cassette, Damn U (18700) available on cassette single, 7" and CD5, Happy Holidays!".

Below the text are printed logos of MLM, Paisley Park and Warner Bros.

Postcard details
Publisher Card ID Dimensions

Warner Bros Records


10,9 x 15,3 cm

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