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Sheila E.: Romance 1600

border Romance 1600 (full title Sheila E. In Romance 1600) is the second album by Sheila E., following her debut album The Glamorous Life. Credits on the album state that all tracks are produced, written and arranged by Sheila E. (other than A Love Bizarre, which gives Prince co-credit), but in fact seven of the eight tracks were produced, written, and arranged by Prince (with input and help from Sheila E.).

It produced 3 singles: Sister Fate, Bedtime Story (both of which preceded the album) and A Love Bizarre. The album reached #50 on the Billboard 200 Chart and #12 in the Billboard Soul LP's chart.

This album is the first Sheila E. album (and second album overall, after Prince and the Revolution's Around The World In A Day) to be released on Paisley Park Records...>>> Read More.

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