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29 August 2007 (a.m.): London, The IndigO2

border It was 1:15 when lights went down for Prince’s one-off concert at IndigO2 club. Dressed in black pants with a gold and black striped shirt, and backed by a rare band section of 2 members only (bass and drums) he delivered one his most memorable one-off concert of the 00’s.

After renditions of an instrumental Thank You For Talkin’ To Me Africa followed by Anotherloverholenyohead (including the infamous uptempo 'rock jam' coda reminiscent of B-52’s Rock Lobster), Prince played the first notes of Calhoun Square before asking the audience: "Are you happy ?". Followed a rendition of Chaos And Disorder (made available several days afterwards on his website) and then a rare version of I Like It There (the 5th known live rendition of the title at the time) from Chaos And Disorder album.

All Shook Up, an Elvis Presley cover, came next, before a rendition of another rare track live: Empty Room (the 2nd live performance of the song that year). Previously unreleased, it was released in 2004 on C-Note EP.

A derivative from Sexuality (with altered lyrics), Spirituality was put back on Prince’s setlist in 2006 during his stay in Las Vegas for the Per4ming Live 3121 residency at Hotel Rio. This performance marked the last time Prince played the song live (to this day). As usual, the song segued into Johnny B. Goode, a Chuck Berry cover.

Another rare track live followed: Elephants & Flowers. Like Spirituality, this was the last known live rendition of the song. The night continued with performances of When Will We B Paid?, People Get Ready and Baby Love on which Shelby J. made a lead vox appearance. Alphabet St. ended the main set.

While the remaining members of NPG left the venue (they watched the show from backstage), the audience cheered a long time before Prince, Cora and Josh returned for the last track of the night: Guitar.

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