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Single details

Released: 1 October 1990
Related album: Pandemonium
Label(s): Paisley Park Records / Reprise Records
Unique tracks: Chocolate (7" Remix / Edit) (4:33)

Chocolate (12" Remix) (7:56)
Chocolate (Album Edit) (4:27)
Chocolate (Instrumental) (7:27)
Chocolate (Percapella) (7:19)
Chocolate (Tootsie Roll Club Mix) (6:09)

Chocolate was the second and final single to be released from The Time's fourth album Pandemonium. It was released almost three months after the album. The b-side, My Drawers, was taken from their third album Ice Cream Castle. Chocolate featured Prince as a writer, producer and performer, although his input was uncredited.

The single also featured several remixes of Chocolate.

Chocolate replaced Pandemonium, which was planned for release as the album's second single (with the same b-side, My Drawers), but was replaced by Chocolate for unknown reasons.

The single did not enter the US Billboard Pop Chart, but reached number 44 on the Billboard R&B Chart.

Track listing


(US: 7-19759)
A. Chocolate (Edit) (4:33)
B. My Drawers (4:04)


(US: 0-21588)
A1. Chocolate (12" Remix) (7:56)
A2. Chocolate (Tootsie Roll Club Mix) (6:09)
B1. Chocolate (7" Remix / Edit) (4:33)
B2. Chocolate (Instrumental) (7:27)
B3. Chocolate (Percapella) (7:19)
B4. My Drawers (Album Version) (4:04)


(US: 9 21701-2)
1. Chocolate (7" Remix / Edit) (4:33)
2. Chocolate (12" Remix) (7:56)
3. Chocolate (Tootsie Roll Club Mix) (6:09)
4. Chocolate (Instrumental) (7:27)
5. Chocolate (Percapella) (7:19)
6. My Drawers (Album Version) (4:04)


  • See individual tracks and related albums for credits.


Chart, Country Entry Date Peak Position Weeks In Chart
Billboard R&B Chart, USA 20 Oct. 1990 44 7


Variants, special editions and re-releases

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