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Let’s Rock

Single details

Intended Release Date: Summer 1979
Related album: Prince
Label(s): Warner Bros.

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Let’s Work

Let’s Rock is an unreleased single Prince wanted to release as the first single from his eponymous second album in 1979 (on which it was also the opening track in an early incarnation). Let’s Rock was inspired by a new dance Prince had seen in clubs during the summer of 1979. No test pressing is known to exist for this single and it is not known how complete the project was before it was rejected by Warner Bros..

After some changes on the tracklist, Let’s Rock was removed from the album, and I Wanna Be Your Lover became the opening track and the first single of the Prince album.

Let’s Rock was reworked two years later as Let’s Work. It was included on Controversy in 1981 and released as a single in 1982 (see Let’s Work for details).

Track listing

Tracklist unknown, but believed to include:

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Unreleased Singles
Unreleased Singles
(Related Artists)