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Unreleased Singles
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Single details

Intended Release Date: Autumn 1990
Related album: Pandemonium
Label(s): Paisley Park Records / Reprise Records

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Pandemonium is an unreleased single planned for release in Autumn 1990 by The Time, and was intended to be the second single from their fourth album Pandemonium, before being replaced by Chocolate for unknown reasons. The planned b-side for the single, My Drawers, was originally included on The Time’s third album Ice Cream Castle, but was kept as the b-side for Chocolate. The single would have been released through Paisley Park Records, but nothing else is known about the planned release.

Track listing

A. Pandemonium
B. My Drawers

  • See individual tracks and related albums for credits.
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Boom, Boom
Unreleased Singles
Unreleased Singles
(Related Artists)
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