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Pink Cashmere

Single details

Released: 31 August 1993
Related album: The Hits 1
Label(s): Paisley Park Records / Warner Bros.
Non-Album track(s):

Pink Cashmere (Guitar Version) (3:58)
Pink Cashmere (Vocal Version) (3:56)

Charts, Certifications & Awards

Country: Chart Entry Date Peak Position Weeks in Chart
USA: Billboard Hot 100 18 Sep. 1993 50 9
USA: Billboard Hot R&B Singles 18 Sep. 1993 14 15
This single has not received any certifications in the USA
This single has not received any awards in the USA

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Pink Cashmere
(Music video)
(Promotional single)

Pink Cashmere was the first single from Prince’s first compilation albums The Hits 1 and The Hits 2, taken specifically from The Hits 1 (also included as the first disc of The Hits / The B-Sides).

It was released two weeks before the album in the USA, Germany and Japan only. The b-side, Soft And Wet, was also taken from The Hits 1 (although originally taken from Prince’s first album For You and released as his first single, which likely prompted its inclusion as the b-side).

Some versions also included the single versions of minor hits which were not included on The Hits 1 or The Hits 2, so the two-disc single could be considered a companion to those albums (these tracks also showed up on the single Controversy, which was released in territories Pink Cashmere was not; the cover art also closely matched the Controversy single).

The single reached number 50 on the US Billboard Hot 100 Chart, and number 14 on the Billboard Hot R&B Chart.

The single is the first release credited only to Prince since 1990’s New Power Generation single; all releases in the intervening time were credited to Prince and the New Power Generation.

While likely only coincidental, it is noteworthy that Pink Cashmere by Prince was released on the same day the first ’solo' release by the New Power Generation, Gold Nigga went on sale at Act II tourdates, highlighting the idea that Prince and the New Power Generation were now separate entities (which was, in reality, far from true).

Track listing
7" 12"

A. Pink Cashmere (6:12)
B. Soft And Wet (3:01)

US: 7-18371

A. Pink Cashmere (Vocal Version) (3:56)
B. The Future (Remix) (6:25)

DEU: 5439-18272-7

A1. Pink Cashmere (Vocal Version) (3:56)
A2. Pink Cashmere (Guitar Version) (3:58)
B1. The Future (Remix) (6:25)
B2. Glam Slam (Album Version) (5:04)

DEU: 9362-41279-0

  • See individual tracks and related albums for credits.

Other Formats
CD 12" Promo
  • (US: 2-18371, JAP: WPDP-6339)

1. Pink Cashmere (6:12)
2. Soft And Wet (3:01)

  • (DEU: 9362-41291-2)

A1. Pink Cashmere (Vocal Version) (3:56)
A2. Pink Cashmere (Guitar Version) (3:58)
B1. Paisley Park (Album Version) (4:41)
B2. Glam Slam (Album Version) (5:04)

  • (US: PRO-A-5993)

A. Pink Cashmere (Vocal Version) (3:56)
B1. Pink Cashmere (Guitar Version) (3:58)
B2. Pink Cashmere (Album Version) (6:12)

CD Promo

  • (US: PRO CD 5993)

1. Pink Cashmere (Vocal Version) (3:56)
2. Pink Cashmere (Guitar Version) (3:58)
3. Pink Cashmere (Album Version) (6:12)

7", 12", CD, Cassettes and Other versions
Country Format Cat. Number Comments Front Back Label 1 Label 2

UK 5"CD 7-18371

Variants, Special Editions and Reissues
Country Format Cat. Number Comments Front Back Label 1 Label 2




Additional Information

Promotion (at time of release) Triva

  • Press ad for this single.

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