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Prelude To Tamar

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Single details

Released: 24 October 2006
Related album: None (see notes)
Label(s): None
Non-album tracks: All EyeBlue.png Want Is U (3:19)
Holy Ground (5:36)
Sunday In The Park (4:28)

Prelude To Támar is a download EP by Támar Davis sold in late 2006 on the multi-level marketing independent music site

All three tracks on the EP were taken directly from the aborted 2006 album Milk & Honey, although they were intended as a preview of an album which would contain some of the same songs, but some additional songs with other writers and producers, which did not occur.

The tracks were all co-written and produced by Prince, and he features heavily on instruments; the versions are identical to those on the aborted album. The download EP did not come with any artwork.

The single did not chart.

Track listing


(US: No cat. number)
1. Holy Ground (5:36)
2. Sunday In The Park (4:28)
3. All EyeBlue.png Want Is U (3:19)


  • See individual tracks and related albums for credits.


  • This single did not enter the charts.


Variants, special editions and re-releases

  • None.


  • None.


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