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Single details

Intended Release Date: 2004
Related album: Musicology
Label(s): NPG Records

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NPG Music Club

Reflection is an unreleased CD single planned for release by Prince in 2004 to promote the Musicology album. The planned CD/DVD release was to include the live version of the song (as the first audio track and video) as performed on 12 February 2004 at The Tavis Smiley Show, KCET Studios, Hollywood, CA, USA with Wendy Melvoin and the album version of as the second track.

All three tracks (audios and video) were released digitally through the NPG Music Club and/or the Musicology album, however.

Artwork for the single was designed by Sam Jennings. While reflecting on the track’s history on Facebook in 2023, Jennings wrote that "Prince had the notion to release it as a single on an CD=DVD to promote the Musicology album. So I got to work on a single package for it. Using a brilliant photo from Afshin Shahidi, I created this single package (...). Obviously it never got released, who knows how or why.. Unusually, the single’s cover art mentions Wendy’s appearance (Reflection per4med with Wendy).

Track listing
  1. Reflection (Live version)
  2. Reflection (Studio version)
  3. Reflection (Live version - video)

  • See individual tracks and related albums for credits.
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Unreleased Singles
Unreleased Singles
(Related Artists)
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