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Unreleased Singles
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Single details

Intended Release Date: late 1986
Related album: Camille
Label(s): Paisley Park Records

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If I Was Your Girlfriend

Shockadelica is an unreleased single planned for release by Prince under the pseudonym Camille in late 1986 or early January 1987, to precede the album Camille. The single was to include Shockadelica, with the b-side Housequake, both of which would have been included on the album. There are multiple versions of each track, and it is not known which versions were planned for inclusion, and whether the single was planned as a 7", a 12", or both. When the album was developed further into the album Crystal Ball, however, the single was abandoned.

While Housequake was included on the resulting album Sign O’ The Times, Shockadelica was released as the b-side of that album’s second single If I Was Your Girlfriend. Both tracks were given the artist credit of Prince when released, although lead vocals on Housequake were credited to Camille.

Track listing
7" (assumed)

A. Shockadelica
B. Housequake

Additional Information


Let’s Rock
Unreleased Singles
Unreleased Singles
(Related Artists)
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