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The Ryde Dyvine

The Ryde Dyvine title screen

Special details

Released: 19 December 1992 (USA)
Director: Declan Lowney
Producers: Paisley Park (Terry Donaghue & Vicki Wallis)
Productions Companies: Paisley Park Enterprises
Runtime: 45 minutes
Technical Specification(s): Country: USA
Language: English
Sound Mix: Dolby
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Original Channel(s):


The Ryde Dyvine is the second part of a two-day US TV-special broadcast by ABC on 19 December 1992. The show was produced by Paisley Park Enterprises and broadcast as part of the ABC In Concert '91 series, preceded by the ACT I TV-special on 18 December 1992.

The special is a performance film based loosely around the story of Troy Beyer reading an invitation (with some lyrics that ended up on Come recorded the following month) she received from Prince to be his guest at "The Ryde Dyvine". It pics up after the events in the ACT I TV-special, as she is now wearing the clothes Prince wore when he was making out with her in the special broadcast the day before. Upon entering the Paisley Park Studios soundstage, Troy finds out she is supposed to be the 'guest host' rather than 'guest'. As this is not what she has bargained for, she sets out to find Prince within the Paisley Park complex. Her quest to find him is intertwined with performance footage of Carmen Electra, George Clinton, Rosie Gaines, and Mavis Staples. Eventually she makes her way back to the sound stage as The New Power Generation starts performing and Prince enters in his yellow BMW. From there on the TV-special again more or less continues the story of the ACT I aired the previous day, with Mayte being in the audience as 'the princess'. At the end of the show Prince leaves the soundstage in his BMW. Before exiting he gives a heart shaped note to Troy Beyer. After the credits it is revealed that it says 'Love Is God, God Is Love'.

Live footage was filmed at Paisley Park Studios in Chanhassen, Minnesota somewhere in the first week of December 1992.

Track listing
  1. The Ryde Dyvine [performed by The Crayons]
  2. Everybody Get On Up [performed by Carmen Electra]
  3. Get Satisfied [performed by George Clinton]
  4. My Tender Heart [performed by Rosie Gaines]
  5. You Will Be Moved [performed by Mavis Staples]
  6. Sexy M.F.
  7. Love 2 The 9’s
  8. Damn U
  9. Eye Wanna Melt With U [incl. 3 Chains O’ Gold coda]
  10. The Sacrifice Of Victor

Cast & Crew

The New Power Generation:

NPG Hornz:


Also Starring


Crew & Credits
Produced By
Paisley Park

Directed By
Declan Lowney

Terry Donaghue Vicki Wallis

Production Manager
Julie Hartley

Production And Tour Manager
Skip Johnson

Director Of Photography
Peter Sinclair

Tim Waddell
Steve Purcell
Bob Flood
Jeff Olm

Production Designer
Cliff Cunningham

Art Direction
Mitchell Wherly
Heather Mceuhatton
Lew Stricklen
Kay Kropp
Steven Woodward

Art Department
Mark Pallatt
Don Skahill
Marie Domingo
Jamie Franta
Travis Milloy
Bob Schittlen

Costume Designer
Stacia Lang

Technical Diretor
Roz Storey

Barry Miller

Production Consultants
Beth Einhorn
Linda Mendoza
Byron Harris
Marie Domingo

Production Coordination
Sally Swift
Eric Mueller

Ray Hahnfeld
Sal Greco
Johnny Hagen
Chris Orr
Rob "Cubby" Colby
Troy Smith
Michael Marinelli

2nd Unit Director

Talent Coordination
Gene Fein
Lilly Chorolec
Jillian McAdams

Production Assistance
Sean Healey Cheryl Broussard
Kit Barrett
Harve Cook
Seth Hannula
Greg Niska
Nicolaus Bauman
Jonathan Wright
Kevin Nelson
Don Strickland
Buzz Goodchild
David Wallace
Lilly Chorolec
Michael Kranz

Mobile Unit And Crew Provided By
Ivl Sports Productions, Ltd.

Soundstage And Audio Production Facilities Provided By
Paisley Park Studios

Special Thanks To
Andreas Wollenweider [Sic]
Sony Classical

Executive Producer
David Saltz

Making of
Shooting Schedule & Locations
Date Location Scenes
17 December 1992 Paisley Park Studios
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