That’ll Work (2001)

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That’ll Work (2001)


  • First appeared on: Various Artists: The Go Go Posse (1988). Also appeared as a single by Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers (1988)
  • Trivia: when performed by Prince & The NPG the song was usually cued as 'The Go-gos ("Kirk, gimme The Go-gos") and used to give each bandmember a solo. It often included a some lyrics from Bustin’ Loose, another song by Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers. The original song incorporates the music from Richard Strauss' Also Sprach Zarathustra, famous for being included in the by Stanley Kubrick movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, hence the "2001" in the title.

    The 24 December 1998 (a.m.), Tivoli, Utrecht, The Netherlands performance of the song earned some later notoriety. In the performance Prince stated "I’ve gotta go home y'all... I’ve gotta go back to America. I’ve gotta go get ready for the bomb. Osama bin Laden gettin’ ready to bomb. America... you better watch out... 2001." His comments were widely commented on following the September 11 terrorist attacks in the USA, but were taken out of context. Prince and the band were flying back to the USA immediately following the show to enjoy a few days off before completing their European tour. The "2001" cue was to notify the band to go into the Also Sprach Zarathustra part of the song. Prince clearly believed that Osama bin Laden was planning attacks on the USA, but many conspiracy theorists interpreted the performance to indicate that Prince was aware of specific details of the September 11 terrorist attacks almost three years before they took place, which was clearly false.
  • Composed by: Richard Straus (arr. Deodato & Chuck Brown)

Performed by Prince

 27 December 1998: Kölnarena, Cologne, Germany

  • Played live in: 1998