Tourbook: Sign O' The Times

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Prince Sign ‘O’ The Times World Tour * 1987

Tour Book details

Designer Design Costa, Christian And Gorman
Photograph Credits Jeff Katz
Country England
Printed in 1987
Pages 28
Dimensions 305 x 305 mm
Refers To Sign O’ The Times Tour


The tour book comprises 28 pages almost entirely featuring photographs of Prince and the tour band personnel.

The front and back covers are glossy and show images of Prince also used to accompany the release of the song, U Got The Look as a single.

The photographs are presented using a variety of layouts, including the use of some images that have been manipulated or distorted for artistic effect.

The front cover bears the title Prince Sign O’ The Times World Tour * 1987 in the top right-hand corner in upper case using the font used for the Sign O’ The Times album and accompanying single releases. The same font is used for the minimal credits throughout the tourbook.

Photography, design and print credits feature on the inside back cover, which displays a reflective image of Prince and Jeff Katz, captured by Katz, who has photographed the heart-shaped mirror which was part of the stage set.

Additional Information

Binding Staples (two external, one internal)

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