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Welcome 2 America

Tour Book details

Designer Amelia Tubb
Photograph Credits Mike Ruiz, Mazen Abusrour, Luciano Usai, Matthew Karas
Country USA
Printed in 2010
Pages 40
Dimensions 23,5 x 32 cm
Price $30
Refers To Welcome 2 America Tour


The tour book comprises photographs from 2010.

The front cover is a photograph of Prince, previously used to promote the Welcome 2 America Tour in 2010. He holds a Cleo sustained bow bass designed and built by Luthier Jerry Auerswald, and made of wenge wood. The title reads 'Welcome 2 America' in red, white and blue. This lettering is embossed on some but not all of the tour books printed and sold. A black silhouette of the New York skyline runs along the spine of the front and back covers. The back cover shares the same white background as the front, with the word 'Prince' in silver lettering rotated to run along the left edge, together with reference to the two venues of the tour.

Photographs feature Prince and members of the band, both individually and collectively, as well as his manager, Kiran Sharma (page 37). The inside front and back cover pages (pages 2 and 39) feature pictures of Misty Copeland of the American Ballet Theater in ballerina costume. She is also pictured on pages 30 and 31. Photographs of various support acts and / or guests who performed on the tour appear on pages 32 and 33.

Live shots were taken in Rome, on 2 November 2010, and Abu Dhabi, on 14 November 2010.

Introductory text on page 3 (the opening lyrics from the Prince composition, 'Welcome 2 America'), are accompanied by the Prince signature in 'Purple Rain' style font. Most of the text in the book is displayed in silver, using a mixture of upper and lower case lettering. Other text is in black or purple.

Most of the text is selectively edited from a review of the performance at Yas Arena, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates on 14 November, 2010. The article was written by Eduan Maggo and published online on 16 November, 2011 by Although the source of the quotations is unattributed, the author is later thanked on page 36.

Some lyrics are included from Prince compositions, Compassion (page 17) and Everybody Loves Me (pages 23 and 25). Pages 34 and 35 include lyrics from 1000 Light Years From Here (the Welcome 2 America album version, released posthumously in 2021).

Credits for the tour book as well as the tour organization accompany an image of the symbol-shaped stage on page 36. The symbol itself is also displayed in the background on page 36 and across pages 38 and 39. Various Prince compositions, most but not all of which were played at the concerts, are listed on page 39.

No specific concert dates are published in the book.

The copyright on the back cover is credited as © 2010 NPG Records.

Additional Information

Binding Staples (two external)

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