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4 The Tears In Your Eyes

4 The Tears In Your Eyes music video selected snapshots

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First aired: 13 July 1985
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First (Commercially) Released: 27 July 2017


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4 The Tears In Your Eyes is a Prince and the Revolution video released for broadcast. It is the first Prince video shot in black and white.

The performance video filmed on 4 June 1985 at S.I.R. in Los Angeles, California was shown during the worldwide live broadcast Live Aid on 13 July 1985, in lieu of Prince performing at the Philadelphia or London concerts which made up the bulk of the broadcast. It is the second video which was not created to promote a single. The (different) studio version was included on the compilation album We Are The World. The audio of this performance video was later released on The Hits / The B-Sides, as one of two previously-unreleased tracks on the B-Sides disc.

Of note, this is the first appearance of the Taylor 12-strings purple acoustic guitar in a video, a guitar specially made by Taylor for Prince. This guitar is used by Wendy Melvoin in the Raspberry Beret video that was shot the next day. It is also the first video since I Wanna Be Your Lover which does not feature his full band as the song is performed with Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman only.

Shooting Information
Shooting Sessions
Date Location Additional info
4 June 1985 S.I.R., Los Angeles, CA, USA Live performance in studio
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Released Versions
Title Length Released Version Additional info
4 The Tears In Your Eyes 3:25 Prince streaming video platforms (2017)

Released for sale as separate track on iTunes (2017)

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