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And God Created Woman

Unreleased Music Video details

Shooting or Planned shooting date: 30 April 1992
Producer(s): Information needed
Director: Information needed

This entry details an unreleased video for the song And God Created Woman. It was reportedly (at least partially) shot during the Australian-leg of the Diamonds And Pearls Tour on 30 April 1992 at the Quay West hotel in Sydney, Australia. Three models of oriental appearance were filmed swimming naked in the pool with Mayte. It is not known if only some clips or a full video with a performance of the song by Prince were shot.

The video remains unreleased but some footage were used on a 'advertisement' shown before the Diamonds And Pearls Tour shows in Europe to promote the forthcoming album, the 2 Whom It May Concern video (to introduce the song And God Created Woman) and the 3 Chains O’ Gold home video. It also serves as the visual footage for the end credits of The Beautiful Experience TV-special.

Shooting Information
Shooting Sessions
Date Location Additional info
30 April 1992 Quay West hotel, Sydney, Australia
  • Mayte
  • various unidentified girls
  • Information needed
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