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Come music video selected snapshots

Music Video details

First aired: 3 April 1994
Producer(s): Information needed
Director: Prince (as ) (assumed)
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Date Institution, Country Award
This music video has not received any awards in the USA

Come is a Prince / video that was aired as part of the The Beautiful Experience TV-special. Like the other videos from this program, it is interspersed with scenes featuring Nona Gaye as Jan. Her inner battle trying to reject Prince’s ‘invitation’ is the main focus of the video.

Prince and The NPG do not appear in this video at all. ‘Jan’ is watching some peculiar footage featuring masked characters and with a dark tone on her computer. A screen displays the sound waves of Prince’s voice and models walking the runway.

The version of the song is unique to this video as it is entirely different from the ones included on the Glam Slam Ulysses stage-show and the Come album. It was not released in an audio-only format. The video was not used as promotional tool for the album either.

Shooting Information
Shooting Sessions
Date Location Additional info
Early 1994 (assumed) Paisley Park Studios, Chanhassen, MN, USA

Broadcasts/streaming (only)
Title Length Released Version Additional info
Come 3:26 The Beautiful Experience TV-special see The Beautiful Experience

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