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95 Tour Wallpaper (a.k.a. Tora Tora Wallpaper / Glam Slam Wallpaper)

Unreleased Music Video details

Shooting or Planned shooting date: Early 1995
Producer(s): Information needed
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This entry details a long-form video that was aired inside the Glam Slam clubs owned by Prince in 1995 (Glam Slam West and Glam Slam South) and The New Power Generation Stores in Minneapolis and London. The video was nicknamed Tora Tora Wallpaper or Glam Slam Wallpaper but the tape was actually labeled 95 Tour Wallpaper (although it was shown only in clubs and not during The Ultimate Live Experience Tour shows). 95 Tour Wallpaper was never released to any television stations, included in a Home-video or DVD or streamed on one of his official websites and is therefore considered as unreleased. This 60-minute in-house video contains footage from various sources. The audio however is an exlusive mix (probably made by DJ Brother Jules) of songs by other artists unrelated to Prince and released between 1990 and 1994. Snippets and samples from tracks by Prince/ that were still unreleased at that time are also included in the mix. Although not a promotional video per se, it is included here as it contains excerpts of unreleased videos and for the sake of completeness.

The visual parts consists of computer generated graphic, large excerpts of the 1968 film Barbarella (referenced on multiple occasions by Prince) and the 1987 film The Gate. It also features scenes of dancers at the Glam Slam nightclubs (including performances by the Erotic City dancers with Sharon Ferguson), models walking on a catwalk or posing, The Beautiful Experience TV-special, pages from the 10,000 magazine and clips from unreleased videos : The Same December, 18 & Over, Zannalee, Empty Room, Days Of Wild (and possible snippets from P. Control with the dancers). Throughout, Tora Tora urges the crowd to have fun.

The audio is a mixed compilation of Hip Hop, R&B and ragga artists with bits and snippets of vocals lifted from songs planned for The Gold Experience album.

  • Ghetto Heaven (Original Soul II Soul Remix) - The Family Stand (incl. vocals sampled from Days Of Wild)
  • Unidentified song (with vocal samples from Simlac)
  • All For One - Brand Nubians
  • Mass Appeal - Gang Starr
  • Don Dada - Supercat
  • Don’t Sweat The Technique - Eric B. & Rakim (incl. Prince vocals sampled from Peep The Technique – likely from a rehearsal)
  • Black Coffee (Hip Hop Remix) - Heavy D. & The Boyz (incl. vocals sampled from 7 and chants from Boogie Down Productions’ Sound Of Da Police)
  • Ease Up - 3rd Eye & The Group Home (with vocal samples from Now)
  • Award Tour - A Tribe Called Quest
  • 69 - Father MC (with vocal samples from Hide The Bone)
  • The Choice Is Yours - Black Sheep
  • They Want EFX - Das EFX
  • Anything (Old Skool Radio Version) - SWV featuring Wu-Tang Clan (with vocal samples from Love Sign)
  • If (D&D 12" Remix) - Janet Jackson (with vocal samples from Billy Jack Bitch)
  • Unidentified instrumental
  • Break Down (Dunkafelix Remix) - Fu-Schnickens (with vocal samples from Acknowledge Me)
  • Do You Wanna Get Funky (Club Mix) - C+C Music Factory
  • Rapture (US Disco Version) - Blondie
  • This is Something for the Radio - Biz Markie
  • U Want This - Janet Jackson

Other wallpapers were created to be projected inside the clubs and stores but with no specific music (only visuals): The 10,000 Wallpaper with pages from the 10,000 magazine looped and The Beautiful Wallpaper with images from The Beautiful Experience TV movie.

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Early 1995 Unknown location, USA
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