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When 2 R In Love

When 2 R In Love music video selected snapshots

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First aired: Fall 1994
Producer(s): Information needed
Director: Davis May
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This music video has not received any awards in the USA

When 2 R In Love is a Prince video made to promote the The Black Album released in 1994 (no singles were released from the album).

Much like with Come, Prince was unwilling to work with Warner Bros. to promote the record. The totally black video was created by Warner Bros. without his input. It simply consists of a black screen with the words to the song scrolling at the bottom (much like a karaoke clip).

Confusingly, the transcript of the lyrics in the video contains some inaccuracies. The director clearly did not base the transcription on the lyrics included in the booklet of the Lovesexy album:

  • "So fierce u look tonight" in the song is transcribed as "Sophia, she would tonight."
  • "Their stomachs will pound every time the other comes near" is transcribed as "Their stomachs will pound every time they R up close now"
  • "Let's cover each other with perfume and lotion" is transcribed as "let's cover each other with the fluid and motion"
  • "Let me touch your body till your river's an ocean" becomes "let me touch your body till your river's in motion"
  • "Let's kiss with one synonymous notion" is transcribed as "let's kiss with one synonymous motion"
  • "The thought of his tongue in the V of her love / In his mind (this thought) " is transcribed as "The thought of this time is deeper love / It is my deepest thought"
  • "Hold me" is transcribed as "Holly?"

Shooting Information
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Date Location Additional info
1994 Unknown
  • None.

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When 2 R In Love 3:53

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