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All Websites


The following list includes all Prince's self operated general websites, albums websites, other related websites as well as third part operated websites and social channels known to have promote Prince's work.

This list purposely doesn't include third part website pages that were temporarily used to promote records reissues ( or tours (

List of Websites

Title Type Operated By Activity
The Dawn Self-Operated General website 1996
Chaos And Disorder Warner Bros. Records Album website 1996
1-800 New Funk Self-Operated General website 1997
Love 4 One Another Self-Operated General website 1997
Crystal Ball CD Self-Operated Album website 1998
Kamasutra Self-Operated Album website 1998
NPG Online Ltd Self-Operated General website 2000
NPG Music Club Self-Operated General website 2001-2006
Rainbow Children Self-Operated Album website 2001
Paisley Park Studios Self-Operated Commercial website 2003
3121 Countdown Self-Operated Album website 2006
3121 Self-Operated General website 2006-2007
3121 Perfume Revelations Perfume & Cosmetics Commercial website 2006
MPLSound Self-Operated Album website 2009
Lotusflow3r Self-Operated General website 2009-2010
Andy Allo (Facebook) Andy Allo Social media 2011-2012
3rd Eye Girl (Twitter) Unknown third part Social media 2012-2013
Prince2013 Self-Operated Video website 2013
3rdEyeGirl (Website) Self-Operated Music store 2013