26 June 1992

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Diamonds And Pearls Tour
26 June 1992
Venue Manchester City Football Ground Maine Road
City, Country Manchester, England
Band Prince (vox, guitar, piano, Purpleaxxe™), Michael B. (drums), Sonny T. (bass, vox), Levi Seacer, Jr. (guitar, vox), Tommy Barbarella (keyboards), Rosie Gaines (keyboards, vox), Tony M. (dance, rap), Damon Dickson (dance, vox), Kirk Johnson (dance, percussion) (Dancers together as Game Boyz), Michael Nelson (trombone), Brian Gallagher (tenor saxophone), Kathy J. (baritone saxophone), Dave Jensen (trumpet), Steve Strand (trumpet), Mayte (dance), Lori Elle (Werner) (dance) & Robia LaMorte (dance) (Together as Diamond & Pearl), William 'Diamond J.' Graves (turntables)
Guest(s) none
Ticket courtesy of unused-prince-tickets.com
Songs Additional Songs Remarks / Personnel

show intro: Take My Hand, Precious Lord Arrow.png
Thunder Arrow.png
Daddy Pop Arrow.png
Diamonds And Pearls Arrow.png
Let’s Go Crazy Arrow.png
Jughead incl. Dead On It intro
Purple Rain
Live 4 Love
Delirious Willing And Able incl. Lively Up Yourself intro
interlude Arrow.png incl. Damn U [Int] (lyrics)
Damn U
Sexy M.F.
Thieves In The Temple It incl. The Arabic Intro
A Night In Tunisia / Strollin’ (instrumental) Arrow.png
Gett Off / Gett Off (Houstyle) The Flow
Cream Arrow.png incl. La, La, La, He, He, Hee (instrumental) [Int]
Chain Of Fools Rosie Gaines lead vox |-  
1999 / Baby I’m A Star / Push incl. My Name Is Prince [Int]
Show coda incl. Peter Gunn [Int]

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{{Concert-footer| | trivia = * The show ends with a display of fire works | soundcheck = * The soundcheck included work on Violet The Organ Grinder and [[Gangster Glam]. It4s uncertain if Prince was present, though.

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| support act = * The Pasadenas | start time = ? | advertised start time = GATES: 4:00 p.m. | length of show = ? | ticket price = £ 21 | attendance/capacity = ? / 40,000 | previous concert = 24 June 1992 | date = 26 June 1992 | next concert = 28 June 1992 | references = | categories = }}