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 All Songs known to be written by Prince including songs recorded by Prince in the studio.


This list includes all songs known to be written by Prince (regardless of official credits, and/or whether a studio recording is known to exist). Recording information on songs is not always available, or not accurate enough to state a specific year of recording. In this case, the year will be followed by a *.

This list purposely doesn’t include the following categories of songs which are not reputed as having being written or co-written by Prince:

You can find a list of these songs in our Contribution and Cover songs page.

A list of only Prince-penned songs that remain unreleased can be found here: Unreleased Songs.


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Title Artist: Initial release Year of Recording Year of Release
Title Artist: Initial release Year of Recording Year of Release
Y Should EyeBlue.png Do That When EyeBlue.png Can Do This? Prince: NPG Music Club download / The Slaughterhouse 2000 2001/2004
Yah, You Know Prince: 1999 Super Deluxe Edition (a.k.a Yah, U Know) 1986 2019
Y'All Want Some More? see: Junk Music
Yellow Sheila E.: Romance 1600 1985 1985
Yes The Family: The Family 1984 1985
Yes Prince: Welcome 2 America 2010 2021
Yo Mister Patti LaBelle: Be Yourself 1986 1989
You see: U
You Are Everything To Me For You 1977 -
You Know How - 1979-1980 -
You Really Get To Me - 1977 -
You Should Be Mine - 1982 -
You Will Be Moved Mavis Staples: The Voice 1992 1993
Young And Beautiful Prince: One Nite Alone... 2001 2002
Your Love Is So Hard - 1989 -
Your Show Liv Warfield: The Unexpected 2014 -
You’re All I Want Prince: 1999 Super Deluxe Edition 1982 2019
You’re My Love Kenny Rogers: They Don’t Make Them Like They Used To 1982 1986
You’re Such A Fox Grand Central: - 1976 -
Zannalee Prince: The Undertaker (video) / Chaos And Disorder 1993 1994
Zebra With The Blonde Hair - 1985 -