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Andy Allo

Birth Name: Andy Allo
Occupation: Singer, songwriter, model, actress
Activity with Prince: 2011-2012
Live Contributions
Worked on the following tour(s):
Worked on shows in:
Studio Contributions
With Prince:
  • Album(s)
2014 Art Official Age
2015 Hitnrun Phase Two
  • Single(s)
2012 Rock And Roll Love Affair
  • Video(s)
2012 Rock And Roll Love Affair
With Prince's Associates:
  • None
Self Productions with Prince:
  • Album(s)
2012 Superconductor (NPG Records)
2015 Oui Can Luv (NPG Records)
  • Single(s)
2012 People Pleaser

Andy Allo is a Cameroonian-born singer, songwriter, model and actress who first grabbed Prince’s attention in May, 2011. She had done work for The Africa Channel, who did a special in April on Welcome 2 America Tour (21 Nite Stand) shows at The Forum in Inglewood, California. She and a friend from The Africa Channel, then attended the Forum show on 6 May 2011, where she was picked out the audience to dance with Prince during If I Was Your Girlfriend. A few days later she was guesting on stage, singing, at both Troubadour shows in Los Angeles on 11 and the after midnight show of 12 May 2011.

She was enlisted as guitarist when Prince embarked on the Welcome 2 America Euro Tour, late June 2011.

Musical Career
Early Career

Born in Bamenda, Cameroon, Allo developed an interest in music at an early age; her mother taught her to play the piano at age 7.

In 2009, she released her first independent album, 'UnFresh', a collection of 12 original songs. Her first single from the album is "Dreamland", featuring Blu.

Work With Prince

Allo joined The NPG in June 2011: she had a position as co-lead vocals and additional guitar player during Welcome 2 America Euro 2011 Tour and Welcome 2 Canada Tour. She was no longer part of the band in 2012, focusing instead on her own career.

She did still perform as an occasional guest in 2012.

For her own live performances she uses a band, sometimes referred to as 'The People Pleasers', that is made up of NPG members: Andrew Gouché (bass), John Blackwell (drums), Cassandra O’Neal (keyboards), Mike Scott (guitar), BK Jackson (saxophone), Marcus Anderson (saxophone), Adrian Crutchfield (saxophone), Lynn Grissett(trumpet), Steve Reid (trumpet), Joey Rayfield (trombone)

Current Work
Additional Information

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  • Andy Allo was born on 13 January, 1989 in Bamenda, Cameroon.
  • Self productions without Prince:
2009 'Unfresh'

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