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Donna Grantis

Birth Name: Donna Grantis
Occupation: Guitar player
Activity with Prince: Late 2012-2016
Live Contributions
Worked on the following tour(s):
Worked on shows in:
Studio Contributions
With Prince:
  • Song(s)
Menstrual Cycle
Octopus Heart
  • Single(s)
2013 Screwdriver
2013 Fixurlifeup
  • Video(s)
2013 Screwdriver (lyrics)
2013 Screwdriver (live)
2013 Fixurlifeup
With Prince's Associates:
  • Song(s)
2013 3rdEyeGirl Live Out Loud
  • Video(s)
2013 3rdEyeGirl Live Out Loud
Self Productions with Prince:
  • Song(s)

Donna Grantis is a Canadian guitar player who joined Prince's band in December 2012 .

She made her first appearance as guitar player in a Prince band on 17 December 2012 in a video rehearsal clip of Screwdriver streamed on Hannah Ford's Facebook Page. The video was presented as Donna's audition, and ended with a text screen stating
"2 C the rest of Donna's audition holla at ya girl! We've got bootlegs 4 daazzzzzze every good thing in the vault... Coming 2013."

Donna also recently performed with Prince, Ida Nielsen and Hannah Ford as a 4-piece rock ensemble on 18 January 2013 (show #1) and 18 January 2013 (show #2) at Dakota Jazz Club & Restaurant in Minneapolis (MN), USA.

Musical Career
Early Career

As a teenager, Donna launched into learning guitar on her brother’s acoustic; it wasn't long before Donna bought her first electric guitar. At 17, she was selected as a semi-finalist in the North American Jimi Hendrix Electric Guitar Competition.

After studying Jazz at McGill University in Montreal, Donna moved to Toronto and played as session musician or live performer with Canadian acts, amongst others Amanda Marshall, Kardinal Offishall, Divine Brown, Haydain Neal and Kellylee Evans. In 2010 she joined Coco Montoya, Shakura S’Aida and Meena on Ruf Records’ Blues Caravan Tour.

She still perfoms regularly with Jazz and Blues artist Shakura S’Aida whom with she co-wrote 9 songs on her 2010 album Brown Sugar. Concurrently, Donna is writing and recording with Toronto based funk rock artist Saidah Baba Talibah. She is also the Musical Director of Saidah's 8 piece band, the Solrawkestra.

In addition to performing, song writing and recording with other artists, Donna is leading an instrumental psychedelic rock fusion trio called The Donna Grantis Electric Band. Featuring drummer Roger Travassos and bassist Steve Zsirai, the group issued their debut album, titled "Suites", on Diamond Gem Records in 2012.

About The Donna Grantis Electric Band, Donna describes the group’s approach to improvisation as:
"Creating music in the moment, reacting to each other on stage, exploring musical themes for extended lengths of time, and utilizing effects pedals to broaden the tonal pallet of the music. The creative intention is to be free and continuously challenge each other on stage. Hopefully in doing so, we can create an experience for listeners and take the audience on a musically engaging journey."
Work With Prince

Donna was auditioned by Prince in November 2012 to join an all-female 3 pieces band with Hannah Ford and Ida Nielsen. During winter 2012-2013 she rehearsed and recorded in Paisley Park Studios with Prince, after which she went on tour on the west coast of the USA (Live Out Loud Tour) with Prince & 3rdEyeGirl.

After the tour she regularly appeared on 3rdEye TV broadcasts with Prince & 3rdEyeGirl and contributed to the studio session (broadcast on 3rdEye TV from 1st to 2nd July 2013) from which Menstrual Cycle, Octopus Heart, Moon Drop and The Third Heart Of The Octopus Menstrual Cycle Originally Dropped From The Moon were created.

During summer 2013 she toured in Europe with Prince, The NPG and 3rdEyeGirl.

Current Work

Donna Grantis is a member of 3rdEyeGirl and The NPG where she performs as guitar player. She continues to work and rehearse with Prince.

Additional Information

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  • Donna Grantis was born on 28 September 19?? in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.
  • Self productions without Prince:
Donna Grantis Electric Band Suites
  • Endorsments: PRS Guitars, D’Addario EXL115 jazz-rock strings, Planet Waves cables and accessories, Steve Clayton guitar picks, Traynor amplifiers.

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