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Band details

Assembled:  ?
Disbanded:  ?
Activity with Prince: 1986
Live Performances
First live appearance w/Prince:
Performed regularly on tour:
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Performed occasionally in shows:
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With Prince:
With Prince's Associates:
Self Productions w/Prince:
  • Albums
1986 Mazarati (Paisley Park)

Billboard Top Pop Albums peak position 133
Billboard R&B Albums peak position 49

  • Singles
1986 100 MPH (single)

Billboard Dance / Disco peak position 12
Billboard R&B Singles peak position 19

Mazarati is an American R&B band formed in the mid-1980s by former The Revolution bassist Brown Mark. Originally hailing from Minneapolis, they are now defunct as a group. The band's sole hit was a song called "100 MPH", which was written and co-produced by Prince.

Sir Casey Terry(vocals) and Jerome "Romeo" Cox (bass) were students at a Minneapolis' high school when they met bassist and fellow student Brown Mark, who gave them a lot of encouragement and went on to become famous after joining Prince's band, The Revolution. With Brown Mark giving them a lot of guidance, Terry and Romeo ended up calling their band "Mazarati" and hired several more Minneapolis-based musicians, including lead guitarist Craig "Screamer" Powell, drummer [[|Kevin Patrick|Kevin "Blondie Patrick]], rhythm guitarist Tony Christian, and keyboardists Marr Starr and Aaron Paul "Ace" Keith.

Mazarati's association with Brown Mark led to a deal with Prince's Paisley Park label, which released the Midwesterners' self-titled debut album in 1986.

The band continued after its association with Prince and signed with Motown Records releasing their second album, Mazarati 2 (1989), including the singles "The Saga Of A Man" and "The Woman Thang". Brown Mark and former Klymaxx-founding member Bernadette Cooper both worked as producers on this album which experienced little success; the distribution of the LP and CD appears to have been limited in quantity.

In 2011, Craig "Screamer" Powel and Marvin Gunn assembled a new band based upon Mazarati's back catalogue, "Mazarati Revisited". A debut show, tour and album are reputed to be in the works.

Line Up

Additional Band Members:

  • Kelly Gravely: Drums
  • Daniel Satterberg: Keyboards



The band is notable for songs that they did not release: they were originally given Kiss, a country blues demo recorded by Prince. After they transformed the one-verse one-chorus track into a funk number, Prince decided to take it back. He added a guitar break and his vocals, but kept Mazarati's background vocals and released the song on his Parade (1986). Kiss became a No. 1 hit single.

Another song given to Mazarati was an outtake from The Time called Jerk Out. Their take on the song never made the album, but the track was re-recorded in 1990 by The Time and became a No. 1 single. Sir Casey Terry - background vocals were kept on The Time's released version.


On July 1, 1986, the group performed Player's Ball, I Guess It's All Over and 100 MPH live at the premiere party of Under The Cherry Moon, held at the Centennial Theater of the Sheridan Convention Center - Holiday Inn, Sheridan, Wyoming. A few other live concerts took place the same year.

Additional Information

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1986 Player's Ball (single)
Billboard Black Singles peak position 79
1986 Stroke (single)
1987 Mazarati 2 (Motown)
1989 The Saga Of A Man (single)
1989 The Woman Thang (single)

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