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Martika: Martika’s Kitchen

Martikaskitchen album.jpg
Martika’s Kitchen is the second album by California pop singer Martika, and was released in August, 1991. The album contained four tracks with writing and production input by Prince: Martika’s Kitchen, Spirit, Love... Thy Will Be Done and Don’t Say U Love Me.

Prince became involved after Martika had already recorded most of the album. He recorded and submitted Love... Thy Will Be Done in December 1990, and Martika loved what she heard; her record company encouraged her to work further with Prince, and he quickly recorded further tracks. Martika simply replaced Prince’s vocals with her own on the songs he produced for her, adding some additional lyrics, resulting in her co-writing credit. Additional instrumentation and background vocals were also recorded by her musicians in New York.

The album was a commercial hit worldwide, although a relative commercial failure in the USA. It reached only #111 on the US Billboard 200 Chart, but fared much better in the UK, reaching #15 on the Gallup Album Chart...>>> Read More.

Of the 5 singles released to promote the album, 3 were Prince tracks: Love... Thy Will Be Done, Martika’s Kitchen and Spirit (but as a promo only). Love... Thy Will Be Done became a hit, and reached #10 in the Billboard Hot 100 and #9 UK Gallup Singles Chart. Martika’s Kitchen didn’t do as well: it reached a respctable #17 in the UK Gallup Singles Chart but only 93 in the Billboard Hot 100 (remaining 2 weeks only in the US charts).

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