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Sheet music details

Type Single Sheet Music SheetMusic-1999-smaller.jpg Book Back Missing.png
For Piano, Guitar, Vocals
Publisher Columbia Pictures Publications
Edited by Columbia Pictures Publications, USA
Published in 1982
Pages 4
Dimensions 23 x 30,6 cm
Catalog Number 4584OSMX
Other Reference None
Price $2.50


The sheet music displays tablatures for the first verse and chorus, plus the repeat ad lib and fade.
Verse 2 and 3 are reproduced on the bottom of page 4.

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SheetMusic-1999song.JPG PV98155
Warner Bros. Publication Inc., USA
Piano, Guitar, Vocals
6 pages - $3,95
1999 reissue, with slightly different piano instructions than the Columbia issue.
The Guitar tablatures are notably different, listing F6 chord rather than F major.

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