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1994: MPLS Unreleased Albums
Unreleased Albums
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1995: 1-800 NEWFUNK (1995)
Untitled Margie Cox album

Album details

Intended Release Date: 1994/1995
Label(s): NPG Records (assumed)
Studio(s): Paisley Park Studios, Chanhassen, MN, USA (assumed)

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Standing At The Altar
(Unreleased album)
This entry details a planned solo album by Margie Cox (possibly eponymous), on which Prince worked on between 1991 and 1994 after the Flash album, for which she sung lead vocals, was abandoned. According to Cox, the idea to do a solo album came after the recording of Standing At The Altar: "I think we both agreed that maybe I would do best to be a solo act and not a band".

Although only 3 songs are confirmed to have been recorded specifically for this project (Standing At The Altar and Hey U, both filed for copyright registration on 4 October 1991 and a re-recording of We Can Hang), it is possible that some songs from the abandoned Flash album like Whistlin’ Kenny, an updated version of Day Tripper and others (Brand New Boy, Curious Blue, Girls Will Be Girls, Good Body Every Evening....) and an updated version of Warden In The Prison Of Love recorded in 1991 were included on this project, but this is speculative. More information will be added if they become available. The album was completed however as the front cover (using the same image that is also on the Standing At The Altar single) was included in the booklet of the 1-800 New Funk compilation and a mock-up of the back cover with a full tracklist is known to exist.

Standing At The Altar was released as a single, linked to the 1-800 New Funk compilation. Whistlin’ Kenny was released as the b-side and non-album track of this single (only on promotional 12" and cassette in the USA).

It is not known why the album was abandoned. Margie Cox continued to perform at the Bunker’s, Minneapolis, MN as the co-lead singer of Dr. Mambo’s Combo. She self-released her solo album titled Margie's Little Demo in 2002 (as Margaret Cox) with contributions from former NPG members Michael B., Sonny T. (also regular members of Dr. Mambo’s Combo renamed The Combo), Morris Hayes and Tommy Barbarella. Cox also released an album in 2010 under the name North Gust. Although Prince has attended regularly The Combo’s shows at the Bunker’s and has performed with the band, he was not involved in these two albums released by Cox.

Track listing

The full tracklist is not know but the album was believed to include:

All tracks written by Prince except where noted
1 Written by Prince (music and lyrics); Margie Cox (lyrics)

  • See individual songs for details

  • See individual songs for details

Additional Information


  • The mock-up of the cover (front and back) was shown by Margie Cox during a show at the Bunker’s in 2019.

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Unreleased Albums
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