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  • 1985Sheila E. performs in Osaka, Japan: Festival Hall (フェスティバルホール)
  • 1986Sheila E. performs in St. Paul, MN, USA: Saint Paul Civic Center Arena, supporting Lionel Richie

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Did You Know?

From our newest additions:

  • ... that Sign O' The Times was the most added single in both Billboard "Radio Most Added" sections of Hot Black and Hot 100 Singles Actions charts on 7 March 1987?

  • ... that Pain is Prince's reworking of a song called Joy And Pain, written by D. Channsin Berry?

  • ... that Purple Rain Home Video remained 12 consecutive weeks at position 1 in Billboard Top Videocassette sales chart?

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Featured Release

Diamonds & Pearls Super Deluxe Edition

Released: 27 October 2023
Type: Studio remaster / reissue
Length: 7 CDs + 1 Blu Ray / 12 LP + 1 Blu Ray
Label(s): NPG Records / Legacy Recordings / Warner Bros. Records

Diamonds And Pearls Super Deluxe Edition is the deluxe remaster box set of Prince’s thirteenth album Diamonds And Pearls (credited to Prince and the New Power Generation), including a disc of remastered b-sides and remixes, three CDs of vault tracks, a full show of live audio from the 11 January 1992 show at Glam Slam, Minneapolis, and a Blu-ray release of that same show, the 20 July 1991 performance at the Special Olympics openings ceremonies, at the Minneapolis Metrodome, as well as its soundcheck, and the full Diamonds And Pearls Video Collection, previously only available on VHS.
A vinyl edition is also available, along with smaller configurations using only the remastered album, and/or with the b-sides/remixes.
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Diamonds And Pearls - The Singles

Released: 24 August 2023
Type: 7" singles collection
Length: Vinyl set box
Label(s): NPG Records / Legacy Recordings / Warner Bros. Records

Diamonds And Pearls - The Singles is a collection of remastered editions of the commercial 7" singles from the time of original Diamonds And Pearls album in 1991 - Gett Off, Cream, Insatiable, Diamonds And Pearls, Money Don’t Matter 2 Night, and Thunder (which had previously been released as a Promo CD and 12" picture disc in UK only). Additionally, the set includes a unique single, Alice Through The Looking Glass b/w Horny Pony (Version 2). All singles are pressed on ‘pearl white vinyl’, and the tacks are the remastered versions. The set housed in a clamshell box also comes with a set of seven art-cards featuring photos by Randee St. Nicholas, and is limited to 1,991 units.
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14 September 2023

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Prince’s first compilation albums, The Hits 1, The Hits 2, and The Hits / The B-Sides were released on 14 September 1993 in the USA.  > > > Read More

20 September 2023

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Prince’s single I Wish U Heaven was released in 1988, as the third single of the Lovesexy album.  > > > Read More

21 September 2023

link=Album:_Piano_%26_A_Microphone_1983 link=Album:_Piano_%26_A_Microphone_1983

Posthumous release of Piano & A Microphone 1983 in 2018.  > > > Read More

30 September 2023

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The 21 Nights book, accompanied with the Indigo Nights cd was released on 30 September2008.  > > > Read More

In Memoriam

Prince Rogers Nelson

7 June 1958 - 21 April 2016

“From the tip of my typhoon
To the bottom of your ankle chains”

FromEyeBlue.png Wanna Melt With U
Recorded: Mid-July 1992
Released on: SymbolSmallerBlue.png

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
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Prince and the Parade and Sign O’ The Times Era Studio Sessions. 1985 and 1986

Duane Tudahl
From Duane Tudahl, friend of the site and author of the excellent Prince and the Purple Rain Era Studio Sessions 1983 and 1984 comes the paperback edition of his second book in the Studio Sessions Series Prince and the Parade and Sign O’ The Times Era Studio Sessions. 1985 and 1986.

Following the same format as previously, this book deals with 1985 and 1986, some of the most prolific years of Prince’s entire career. With even more sessions described in detail than the first installment in the series, it spans over 700 pages. For nearly every song recorded in 1985 and 1986, Tudahl has uncovered more detailed information than previously known and, again, presents it in a fresh and exciting narrative that takes the reader into the studio with Prince, revealing the creative process, providing a look behind the curtain and revealing the brilliance of Prince’s work.

Besides some corrections, the paperback edition, released in October 2022, has new information that came to light after he hardcover was published, and features a preview chapter, covering December 1987, of the next installment of Duane’s book series,

We are very pleased that Duane has once again graciously allowed us to update pages on PrinceVault with the new information from the Parade and Sign O’ The Times Era Studio Sessions book. provides the specifications, the book provides the story. If you enjoyed the previous book, you will definitely not be disappointed with this one. You can order the paperback here, or from the bookstore of your preference.

The paperback of Tudahl’s first Studio Sessions book (1983 -1984) – updated from its first edition as well, can still be ordered here.

jooZt Mattheij – PrinceVault editor

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Although technically an odd-one-out section on PrinceVault, we have recently updated the list of all 'non-affiliated' books on Prince with over 40 new books that came out since 2016.  > > > Read More


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Interviews is a comprehensive list of all interviews Prince gave throughout his career.  > > > Read More

Award Shows Attended

Awards Attended is a list of all awards shows Prince attended, and was part of the ceremony, listed in chronological order  > > > Read More

Rescheduled or Canceled Concerts

Rescheduled or Canceled Concerts is a non-exhaustive list including all known rescheduled and canceled concerts in Prince's concert history  > > > Read More

Prince: All Charts

All Charts is a survey of Prince singles and albums that have charted in a selection of countries around the world  > > > Read More

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