Come And Dance With Me

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Come And Dance With Me


  • First appeared on: – (unreleased)
  • About the song Come And Dance With Me, also known as Dance With Me, is a song written and performed by Kip Blackshire. The song was played during one-off shows in 1999 and 2000. Although Prince actively participate in the live rendition, he had no input in the studio version of the song, written and produced solely by Kip Blackshire. It was included as part of NPG Ahdio Show # 6 (part of NPG Music Club Edition # 6), and has not been made available as a separate track. No title was given for the track during the Ahdio Show and the song was sometimes called Dance With Me, but the correct title is most likely Come And Dance With Me. The song was intended for Kip Blackshire’s first eponymous album released in 2004, but ultimately not included.
  • Composed by: Kip Blackshire

Performed by Prince

 13 January 2007-am: 3121 Jazz Cuisine @ Rio Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV, USA